5 Ways to Keep Your Living Room Visitor Ready !

Can you imagine thatpanickysituation when there are guests at the door but the house is a mess? In place of a scrambled clean-up sessionof hiding the mess under the sofa, we have 5 tips to ensure that your living room is always ready to receive any visitors.

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Dust: This is the first thing that people notice in a room. A layer of dust on a beautiful glass coffee table or a film of dust clinging to your book collection is the first thing you need to clean up! While dusting the entire room may be too time-consuming for a working home-owner – you can set aside a different day of the week to dust different parts of the living room. Choose to do bookshelves on a certain day and the entertainment unit and TV on another day so you don’t spend all day cleaning.

De-clutter: The living room is where we go to put our feet up and as a result,we often leave a lot of ‘us’ behind on the living room furniture. From our laptops and chargers to papers from work, bills and handbags– we can leave behind a lot of clutter. Make it a habit to spend some time de-cluttering every day. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes – throw away unnecessary bills and file way papers that are important, replace books taken from your shelf and stow away bags in your bedroom.

Let the light in: The more sunlight your living room interiors get, the better it is. Open your windows for a little while to let stale air out and to prevent your generic priligy safe home from getting a musty smell. With the rise in mosquito-related sicknesses, however, it may be a good idea to install mosquito screens on your doors and windows. Once this is done air naturally passes in and out. LettingSunlight in is a good, natural way to kill off common germs.

Plants: There are many indoor plants that are low maintenance and do not shed – Aloe Vera or cacti for instance. These need only be watered once in a while and do not have bushy leaves to shed. But their vibrant colours of these plants are sure to add a spot of cheer to your space – Aloe Vera is also an air-purifier which is an added benefit.

Immediate Clean-ups: The coffee table is a great place to spread out your work and the sofa is a good place to snuggle with a cosy dinner. With the amount of time we spend eating, working and resting in the living room, it is common for small spills to happen. When such a thing happens be sure to clean it immediately to prevent any stains. If you can – replace the cover immediately instead of postponing it to later.

You could even apply a rule to choose furniture that is easy-to-clean, choose entertainment units, a wardrobe design or a sofa that have simple lines to enable this. A few simple practices, when made into habits can easily ensure that your living-room remains visitor ready at any time of the week! You can have a space ready to usher in any unexpected guests!

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