6 Safety Tips For College Students

College life is a great experience for every student, especially for those students who stay away from home first time. Staying safe while you are in college is the first priority. These tips can be done with minimal efforts and say you safe from any problem.

  1. Learn the campus:

Tour the full campus during the day to get familiarize with the campus, this will help you to find out the locations and emergency phones. Tell your friend when you are going out. Some schools are neighborhood villages; parents must go with the student to tell him about the routes and ways where the student should not go before.

  1. Lock the door:lock

Make sure to lock the main door as dorm is the place where students play with friends but it doesn’t secure always close the door. When you are going out even for five minutes make sure your room door is closed, close your windows for security. Try to buy drawer where you can store your laptop and extra-important documents it will increase security.

  1. Take responsibility for yourself:

You don’t seem to rely on others, always full charged your phone for emergency purposes. If you lost key of your room don’t rely on a friend but pay fine and bought the new set; when you outside keep some money spare so that you use it at the time of return. Try to pre-book taxis and must know about the location of stand or always try to leave club or restaurant with friends.

  1. Be careful about your car and bike:

If you have car or bike at campus priligy online purchase then buy a new good quality lock that will secure them and park them in designated park areas and lock them carefully. Lock your cars and engage the car alarm every time when you leave it and before sitting in the car always check the car from every angle.

  1. Learn how to defend:security

You must know what to do in case of emergency, take some classes to aware how to save yourself in a physical attack. In this way, you will feel safer and confident; taking classes doesn’t mean you have to black belt the thing need you have to take classes from a professional instructor.

Store emergency numbers in your cell phone and also campus security numbers, call them if you are alone at night. Install security software’s in your laptop and mobile phones to save them from hacking and try to go out with a friend at night.

  1. Have a Plan:

You must know the locations before going out from campus and always tell some of your friend who knows about your activities. Try to connect with a friend with tracking apps in this way your friend help you in any situation and can track you. If you are unfamiliar with the area then don’t put headphone and always focus on the destination.

Social media is another source for students to get connects with family and friends, as most people post their current location and share updating their life.

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