6 Unbelievable New Ways Of Generating Electricity

The earth is in trouble as population of the world is growing rapidly same as we need more sources to fulfill the requirements of the people – the electricity is considered to be the vital source of living and we need to look for the new ways to generate power for the apartments or buildings – water provides the vital source of the electricity – Let’s have a look towards different new ideas of generating electricity for the nation.

  • Rain Power:rain

Water is contributing in almost every modern energy production and now rain drops are used to generate the electricity – the French developers introduce a device that turns the rain drops to hit the area in vibrational energy that turns into a sort of electricity – the new idea has advantage over solar as it works either in night or of course in rainstorm.

  • Harvesting Body Heat:metro

The experts are looking for different strategies to conduct electricity for the people – millions of people are traveling via metro in every country and while it is sealed the temperature is high inside – the experts added that heat produced from the people inside the metro will provide electricity to the apartments or local homes or will benefit in the future – the idea can also be implemented in the shopping malls or every location.

  • Dance Floors:dance

You know that people love to spend time in the bars or dancing floors but ever you heard that compression force produce electricity? Yes, the kinetic energy that is produced from our daily routine task such as dancing on spotlights produce medicament priligy prix piezoelectricity and can be utilized by the night club or apartments – the same building area can use this kind of electricity by implementing the system of piezoelectricity technologies.

  • Confiscated Alcohols:alcohol

The Sweden custom department is intelligent enough as they power the trains or buses with the help of confiscated alcohol – the department has sealed 185,000 gallons of the alcohol rather pour it all down they convert the free resource into power and provide fuel over 1000 trucks, buses and even train to fulfill their requirements.

  • Jelly Fish:a

The experts and researcher found that jellyfish is used as an alternative source for global issue – the Swedish experts found that jellyfish contained GFP that used to power the nano-devices of the medical – the device never requires external fuels and jellyfish will solve the issue and proved to be extremely useful in long-term.

  • Hydrogen for Electricity:sea

This is another way to produce the electricity but the difficulty is to find out alone hydrogen – the device fuel cell is producing electricity from the hydrogen – the experts are now working to spilled the hydrogen from the water and take advantage to build the electricity.

The navy force announces that they have developed a method to turn the sea water into a jet fuel – the process is splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen to produce the fuel.

All of the above-mentioned ways are tested by the experts and researchers – some of them are implemented in the real life and these sources be used in the future to power electricity to the people.

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