7 Most Famous Breakfast of the World

A good breakfast fuels your body and gets your body ready for the day. Here is some world famous breakfast from different countries; try these breakfast at your home and enjoy them, this will make your health effective and your day full of energetic.


Granola is special breakfast mostly like by people, this is something like snack food consisting of oats, nuts, honey or sweetens like sugar or something puffed rice, all these elements are baked until it becomes crisp and toasted and color becomes dark brown, dried fruits such as dates, some people like chocolates and then add this.


Quinoa is known as a super grain, it contains fiber, protein, and iron with the excess amount. It is known as one of the healthy diets in the daily meal but however most people don’t know it is a good breakfast. Its filling quality makes it perfect for breakfast; this will provide you enough proteins for the whole day.


Congee is most popular breakfast of Asian countries including China, this dish consists of rice and mostly liked as sweet dishes. The recipe is to cook rice in water slowly; there are endless options for a topping off a dish like vegetable herbs, even fish or boiled eggs. For healthier version make this dish with brown rice.

Fruit topped yogurt:fruit-topped-yogurt

Yogurt is the best breakfast food for healthier body, yogurt consist of high amount of protein and low amount of calories and it becomes the best morning meal, Greek yogurt is also an excellent choice as it contains priligy dapoxetine online double amount of proteins, add some honey to yogurt and also add some fruits for yogurt especially when you are in a time crunch.

Toast with Vegemite:toast-vegemmit

This is one of the popular breakfasts of the Australia, and most delicious dish of that region. In this recipe, Vegemite is a very specific paste, it is yeast mixed with veggies and spices. This dish will rock your morning world, you can serve this dish to your friend and make enjoy to your friend.

Spanish Breakfast:spanish

It is one of the simplest banquets in the world but delicious, it contains just little ingredients and made this breakfast within minutes, you just have to rub some bread with some garlic and tomato and then sprinkle with some olive and salt. The delightful meal is ready to top with cheese or sausage as your need.

Huevos Rotos:noticias cadiz huevosrotos

This is world famous breakfast especially for Spanish people, the name comes after the dish is served when either waiter breaks the egg yolks, the concept of the dish is same as other breakfasts fried egg in olive oil and then allow some fried potatoes to lay as the top.


Pancakes are the best strong breakfast for American people, pancakes with syrup and blueberries, these are light and great for morning, these are made within 30 minutes and can easily enjoy 6 people at same time.

All these are the world famous and most used breakfasts, these cannot affect your health and make your muscles strong.

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