All You Need to Know about A portable wifi hotspot

With the digital revolution taking the world by storm, it has actually become a necessity to always remain connected. Various activities and transactions are conducted over the web on a daily basis. So, what if you are not within the range of the WIFI? What do you do? There are some activities which cannot wait which is why it is always important to Internet connectivity at all time. With the introduction of the portable wifi hotspot, one does not have to worry about being out of range since they are carrying their WiFi wherever they go.

When traveling to a country like Italy, there is no problem or any restrictions that hinder you moving around with your device. All you have to do is get in touch with ExpressoWifi and they will be able to seek you out. It is actually a new development to eliminate the previous problem of having wifi hotspots at specific places like hotels, cafes, and libraries naming a few are the popular ones. This had acted as a real nuisance especially for travelers who had to book an apartment that had the amenities which cost even more.


So, what exactly is a portable wifi hotspot? This is a palm-sized device that provides Internet connection whenever and everywhere around the world through satellite. The device is capable of connecting for up to 10 gadgets simultaneously which include tablets, phones, laptops, game consoles, cameras and I Pads are just but a few.

The average battery autonomy life is about 7 hours but there are also others with double the battery life if you do not have access to charging facilities. It is a small device that can fit into your pocket or bag given its light weight. They are easy to use and are offered at affordable prices depending on the model you want. There are locked and unlocked portable wifi hotspots and it is important to know which one to use which is why you need to research the model you want through to get your desired choice.

Locked means that you are restricted to using the company’s network which makes it even more expensive when traveling. The best to get is the unlocked model where you can use any SIM card which makes cost low in a different country. This way, you are able of enjoying better bandwidth since you are in control of the connection.

The device offers enhanced privacy and safety to protect your data, unlike public hotspots that offer hunting ground for hackers. You can conduct your activities without having to worry about any external virtual attacks. It can also be used to provide reliable backup for various professions.

In the digital world today, most of the small business that does not have a footing in the market use cloud-based software to operate their business. A portable wifi hotspot can act as a back-up to the internet service reducing any downtime that may have otherwise been experienced.

You can use the device when traveling whether it is for pleasure or business and still get work done regardless of your geographical position keeping productivity levels high. You can use it while moving around connecting family and friends during events.

There are others that come with additional features added on top of its basic functionality which is providing Internet connectivity. Some act as a power bank that charges your other devices doubling up other gadgets avoiding carrying unnecessary items during the trip. Other extra functions include the ability to receive and send SMS messages as well a Micro SD card slot for saving your files.

Even though it is compatible with WiFi enabled devices, there is also the option to plug directly into your laptop or tablet USB port. They work at level pegging with their WiFi equivalents and are called Dongles. Dongles do not broadcast WiFi despite being a portable WiFi device. The only downside it has is connecting to one device at a time.

These palm-sized devices get you online quickly allowing to always stay connected and informed while on the move. Given that there are no roaming costs incurred, you can move around freely and use the Internet whatsoever way you desire. These gadgets come in handy when finding local attractions in a new country. This way, you do not have to ask for directions from strangers who are not always trustworthy. ExpressoWifi makes all these possible for tourists who come to Europe.

Having a portable WiFi hotspot eliminates various inconveniences as you get to share your photos on social media platforms. You are also capable of downloading documents, attend meetings and replying emails on time through e-commerce without delaying any business activity. Seeking out the services of ExpressoWiFi can influence the average experience of the journey positively.

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