Android Applications are not Free in EU Anymore

Google has always made its Android mobile operating system available free as a way of getting its search engine,but on Tuesday, the Google Company said that it would for the first time begin charging handset manufacturers to install Gmail, Google Maps and other applications in the European Union.

Online privacy regulations have forced companies doing business I Europe to add new data-protection and saving policies that block the tracking of people through the internet.

To prevent the spread the hate speech and misinformation, Germany has passed tough laws. A copyright law being negotiated in Europe would also limit what videos and articles a website could post without a license online.

Google faced a deadline for making some changes in Android after European regulators charged the company about $5 billion, fulfill its dominance of the advertisement market and online search.

Google sell a license for a portfolio including Google Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, and maps. Another license will be available for companies that want to pre-install the Chrome Browser and Google search. It is not mentioned how much it would charge for the licenses.

Google Will charge

Android operating system is the worlds most widely used mobile operating system, more than 80 percent of the worlds Smartphone are Android compatible. Google also mentioned that more than 24,000 different kinds of devices run the Android software.

Without even making their own software, Android allowed them to compete against Apples iphone.

Google provided this operating system free to an device maker to use and modify, that helped make the software available everywhere in cars, phones, tablets, and refrigerators.

Some handset makers argued to European regulators that Googles term made it impossible for them to create devices less dependent on search application. Now, without facing the consequence from Google, these companies will have more freedom to offer an alternate operating system.

Now, the European customer will see a wider variety of Android devices to choose from. Some will use other applications made by competitors while others will come with Googles services.

Google declined that there would be any financial impact due to changes in the license. They also included that there would be a license fee to overcome the lost ad revenue.

Over the global technology industry, Europe has become the worlds toughest counselor. The aggressive policies in the continent are now influencing other countries to take the tougher decision. Tech industry has always enjoyed a little bit of regulation in the United State will also face some difficulties i.e. Facebook & Google.

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