Apple resolved Wi-Fi connection headache with latest software update

Apple resolved Wi-Fi connection headache with latest software updateApple has announced to introduce the update and add the latest feature of WIFI as an update for the IOS 11 and available to all the mobiles and tablets.

This update will resolve the biggest problem of the people associated with the WIFI when it times to connect your mobile phone to the WIFI.

The update provides relaxing mind to the people:

Will your apple iPhone directly connect to the local WIFI hotspots whenever you are near to local shops or pubs and actually connect to the weak signal because you registered with WIFI more than one time?

  • But the latest update of the mobile software has resolved the problem of the people and adds the ability to stop your smartphone connecting with the weak signals.
  • The new feature was added to the operating system as the part of ios 11 and people are able to enable the addition which was pushed out this week.
  • You can enable the feature and when you want to disconnect the network just click on the small (i) button on the right-hand side of the wifi network and turn on the feature known as Ask to join networks.
  • The previous software only provides the option of forgot the network associated with the small (i) icon and this is the first time when you are able to deny a WIFI network automatically joining your iPhone.Apple resolved Wi-Fi connection headache with latest software update

Apple has introduced the feature known as WIFI – Assist with the IOS 9 claiming that you can easily swap from wifi network to cellular data if signals are weak.

For instance, you are using browser and page is not loaded then it will automatically turn on your cellular connection and continue the page and works with most apps like Safari, Music and more.

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