Apps Will No Longer Be Able To Constantly Ask For Review On iOS

Apps Will No Longer Be Able To Constantly Ask For Review On iOSApple has changed the privacy policy of app store and removes the stress of the people as downloaded apps from the store are no longer able to pressure the users to review the app.

The Apple has changed its software after a number of years and this is the first time it changes the app store interface providing the people with new ways to search the items where the tabs are also available at the app store and rules for the developers are also assigned by the firm.

One of the most irritating features for the people while using the apps is the popup comes from the app where they pressure the users to rate their app or game or had a review on their own boxes but this time the policy of rating is changed.

Apple is going to introduce its own rating and review systems for the users with the latest software update where the user doesn’t need to direct with the store or apps boxes as its own rating system will benefit all the users as they don’t need to switch the apps.Apps Will No Longer Be Able To Constantly Ask For Review On iOS

Apple is introducing its own official method for requesting the review and rating from the users as this methodology benefits the developers and a better chance for getting feedback from the users without displaying multiple popups.

The Apple added that official method is used to every kind of developer of the app or game as they need to enforce the latest method in the app and ask for the review and rating buy cialis with priligy online with the API to get IOS request to request a rating on their behalf.

The system is pretty intelligent and releases the tension of the developer and the user as once the user rated or review any app then it will never ask for the review as many apps prompt the user for review again and again without knowing whether you have taken action.

The system also getting strong enough to compete in the modern world with the latest technology as this rating system remain secure, whether the developer update the app, the previous rating and reviews of the apps never lost.

The system will also get intelligent towards the user response, as if you have rejected to rate the app or decline the prompt instead, IOS will track your response and the message to rate the app will limit to three times per year as it will release your tension of getting consecutive message to rate the app as when limit exceeded, developer will never be able to send you popup to review the app.

The other option is also available on the iTunes and app store settings where you can disable the app review prompts altogether and you will never bother with apps to review.

The new guideline will get into effect when IOS 11 is available to the users as the latest rule will found in the section 1.1.7 posted by Apple ‘use the provided API of the firm to prompt the users to review your apps and disallow custom review prompts‘.

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