Arm-Worn Electric Device Could Treat Migraine Effectively As Medication

Scientists claim that a new device controlled with the smartphone, wear on your arm to cure the migraine pain as drugs.

The new device has no side effects as you are using the drugs for the cure of any disease it has symptoms that affect the other part of the body but the new device will provide the electric shocks to your arms and block the pains.yes

The previous researchers and technology have introduced a device that can be wearable on the face or heard region but they are not effective and less convenient to use but the new device is wearable on the arm of the person and also able to hide the device.

The scientists say that the new device is worn on the arm as a patch and can relieve the pain of the body within just 20 minutes – the new stimulation provides the electric shocks to stop the pain signals belonging to the brain – the scientist claim that the new device has no side effects.

Details of study:

The new study and research of the device were conducted in the Israel where the 64 participants that are using the device have reduced the pain of a migraine within just half an hour with the use of a machine.

The lead researcher Dr. David added that ‘the device was controlled with the help of app of the smartphone – you can control the intensity of the electric impulses using the app and you can use the skin stimulation to stop the migration attack’.Arm-Worn Electric Device Could Treat Migraine Effectively As Medication

The devices that are tested for controlling migration attack and to stop the pain are either controlled with the help of wires attached to the head and the new device is forward that provides promising results as well easy to wear for the patient.

The doctor added that people that are looking for the drugs or devices that are able to control the migration then this kind of device are best suitable for their body.

Promising Results:

The Dr. Richard added that ‘device has no side effects till we check closer to the device or has fewer side effects and treatment effects are large’ – the idea of simulating the device on the arm will active the brain mechanism for regulating pain and reduce the fear of migration attack.

The research was also conducted on the 71 people that are not taking drugs to prevent the migration they are taking two to eight attacks per month – the results are awesome as the use of the device on their arm will release their pain within 20 minutes.

The device was programmed in such a way that it will provide a low-frequency shock that gives both real and sham stimulation to prevent – the investigation shows that 64 percent people said they had released migration pain after using the device.

If you are looking towards the solution of the migraine pain or solution for any relative then you can definitely rely on this machine or recommend to your doctor.

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