Can A Shed Add Value To Your Home?

For someone wanting to add value to your home, doing it by adding a shed is a great idea. With a shed, you can add the extra storage you need for your gardening and lawn equipment or you can use it to house your holiday decorations. There are much more uses for a shed, but does it add value to your home?can-you-add-value-by-having-a-shed

Factors of a shed that can increase your property’s value:

  • By having your home valued, you may not come to know the worth of your shed. However, if you have a well-built shed by using proper plans, it can increase the value of your estate.
  • If you’re building an outdoor shed with an eye to increasing its value, ensure that you build a big and a good quality outdoor shed which will also give you a higher interest and a better price from a serious buyer.
  • The added value a shed brings to a home depends on several elements, one being the condition of the outdoor shed. If you want to put up a shed in your yard, your best bet is a plastic shed, chiefly because of the durability aspect of plastic and the fact that they require little or no maintenance. And, you can have your shed up and run in virtually no time at all: Just buy it and set it up wherever in your yard you want it. It neither requires any assembly nor construction.
  • An outdoor shed can also increase your home’s value if it is professional-looking and blends with the landscaping of your home.
  • All potential home buyers, whether male or female, could do with some extra space for storage–whether they store garden equipment, a boat or any other stuff.
  • By having extra storage, doesn’t necessarily increase the value of your home, but it certainly boosts its marketability because of the convenience that a shed provides. Because of this convenience factor, you can also mark up your selling price of the house just a bit more.
  • You can also build a storage shed with the sole intention of renting it out as a standalone home.
  • Again, to increase the value of your estate, it’s best to have a wooden shed because this is the highest in value. Don’t have a metal shed, but definitely, have it painted in colors that complement those of your home so they look like they belong together.

Factors of a shed that can decrease your property’s value:

  • A dilapidated shed, on the other hand, will detract from your home’s true value.
  • If you have several sheds that aren’t symmetrical or don’t look as if they belong in your home, they will only take away from the value of your home. So, ensure that your shed(s) stay in good condition and serve a specific purpose. If you have broken windows or chipped paint, attend to it immediately. By maintaining it well, you can add years to it and value to your overall property.

Benefits: Having a shed on your property can give you extra storage space, allow you to set up a workshop space, or even a gym and help you be organized with supplies that you might need. The benefits of a shed are numerous, so go out and build one for yourself.

Author Bio: Manisha Kumar is a blogger and editor of She has been a writer for more than twelve years now and also has the passion for golf.

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