Correct These 5 Bad Habits to Lessen Your Risk of Going Bald

Hair loss in men is quite common as nearly 70 percent people should face these circumstances while many of us believe that it should be happening due to genetics but your daily routine also blames towards your condition.

A lot of factors available that should be blamed for hair loss of men as it is common among them and remain worried about getting bald.

The research shows that people should pay $1 billion every year to help with this problem and some spend their money on medicines or some of them getting surgery for their hair but no one knows about actual reason towards this problem.

Let’s have look towards the habits that we should need to avoid that contribute to losing your hair:

  • Choosing the wrong shampoo:Correct These 5 Bad Habits to Lessen Your Risk of Going Bald

This is quite big reason towards getting bald and this problem was not only associated with men but also with women – you should need to make sure that shampoo you are using contains Ketoconazole which is an anti-fungal agent that helps the hair to remain healthy and research shows that men use this in shampoo have reduced their hair loss with 17 percent.

  • Taking hot showers:Correct These 5 Bad Habits to Lessen Your Risk of Going Bald

Water is essential for human body and hydrate them but taking many showers will dehydrate the hair and skin as protective oil of body being washed away and the pores remain in panic mode that becomes the reason for damage of hair roots and you should need to rely on scalp message that remains beneficial for your body and reduces hair loss.

  • Getting too much sun:Correct These 5 Bad Habits to Lessen Your Risk of Going Bald

The summer season is going and you should need to avoid the exposure of sun as much as possible because ultraviolet rays are harmful to body skin and have bad effects on our body where it is also dangerous for hair.

When you are getting sun exposure too much, it will weaken your hair cuticle that results in losing hair and the best solution is to wear a hat every time when you are outside.

  • Indulging nervous habits:Correct These 5 Bad Habits to Lessen Your Risk of Going Bald

You should be careful about your nervous habits as they have bad effects on the health of your hair e.g. rubbing your scalp, head scratching, pulling or twirling your hair or forcefully pulling your hair into different styles and shapes doesn’t help your hair but have bad effects.

  • Eating unhealthy stuff:

You ever heard that balanced diet is the key towards health and similarly your balanced diet is important for all the organs of the body including hair as they require enough vitamins and nutrients to keep the growth of your hair.

You should need to enhance the consumption of food like spinach, rosemary, green tea, eggs, sweet potatoes and mustard green as all of them are enriched with vitamin B and protein that helps you to keep your hair healthy.

You should need to enhance your daily routine to have a healthy life and especially for hair and having stress or tension is also a cause towards hair loss and getting bald with age.

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