Did flooded tunnels take the tourists life?

The huge rescue operation is underway in the narrow tunnel cave. Many Thai navy divers and international experts take part in this operation. This operation is held to rescue the boar wild soccer team and their coach.

This junior team was reported missing on 23rd June when they didnt return from an outing after their practice. They entered a cave to find some adventure in the fine weather. But they trapped their when narrow tunnels of cave flooded with water.

They were found without food and fresh water after 9 days by British divers. Since then rescue teams are finding a way to bring them out. They also plan to give them full face oxygen mask, to swim through these tunnels.

However, the death of the experienced diver Saman Kunan in this complex cave system underline the risk for the boys who were physically weak due to hunger. It takes 5 hours to swim from the entrance to boys.

Thai rescue team has been pumping millions of liters of water so the boys can simply walk out. But there is more rain in the forecast this week.

The rescue becomes quite complicated due to lack of oxygen in the cave. As more rescuers can enter the cave with supplies and work to widen the cave.

Oxygen level inside the cave is already 15% and air nose has been installed into the cave so the level does not fall further. The conditions are more hard-going because it takes 11 hours round trip from entrance to where boys are trapped.

A US former Navy Seal said to reporters that: “Now you’re going to ask 11 to (16) year olds — some of whom cannot swim — to make that same journey for the first time breathing air underwater?

“I think that’s a terrible mistake given some of the options we have.”

News source: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/07/05/asia/thai-cave-diver-intl/index.html

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