Early warning signs of heart attack might have been missed

You often hear that person died due to a heart attack but ever you wondered why this attack occurs – the researchers from the imperial college London claims that early warning signs of the attack missed in up to one in six people and suffered an attack.


The researchers are working for the heart patients and want to know that whether it is possible to predict a heart attack in patients that are suffering the problems as the heart attack are the leading killers in the country. The researchers added that we urgently need more research on the issue.

Analysis of heart attack:

The research was conducted by the Imperial college of London as they examined the deaths between 2006 and 2010 – analyzed the data to predict the exact symptoms or whether they are able to predict the heart attack before?

The exact reason for heart attack is decreased in blood flow to the heart, usually as a result of coronary heart disease – some early symptoms include experience nausea or shortness of breath – another warning sign including chest pain.

Analysis of research:

The researchers examined more than 4lac record of NHS hospital stays in England and look for the patients that are died due to heart attacks – the history of the patients attached to the heart disease shows that they either admitted to the hospitals just four weeks.

The data of 135,950 patients that are died due to the heart disease either admitted to the hospitals four weeks ago or half of them die without admission in hospital but the symptoms of heart attack are not mentioned on record.

The leading author Dr. Perviz Asania added that ‘Doctor are good at treating the heart disease of the patients when they know that main cause of admission is heart problem but they are not known to secondary heart attacks in the near future‘.


Symptoms of a heart attack:

  • Sweating
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain in other parts of body
  • Chest pain

All of these symptoms are related to the heart attack of the person but the chest pain is the most severe reason of heart attack – a sensation or squeezing in the center of chest is the reason for the heart attack – unfortunately the research author added that people who died in the hospital due to heart attack are not recorded as their primary cause of admission in hospital.

The doctors of the research added that ‘we are not saying the early signs of the heart disease are being missed yet, we need more detailed research on the record and patients to make good recommendations for change’.

The paper is an important reminder that we still need to improve the care of the people and need to do work to enhance the equipment’s or others to exactly diagnose the issue of the patients with the symptoms – if we able to improve the care then there is possibility to reduce the heart attack in the patients.

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