Easiest ways to learn driving a manual transmission vehicle

Life is always a bumpy road, eventually; you just learn how to drive on it.

Driving stick is an art – mastering it might not bolster – it is true to drive a car easy without using stick shift and clutch but if you have a manual car then you find some difficulties. Perhaps, the time comes you have to drive a manual car than understanding the gear box will serve you well – after all manual is quite easy and provides you rich access to fuel efficiency.

Here are our simple steps and a complete guide that helps you to drive manually a vehicle.

  • Step 1:step-1

Firstly sit appropriate in the car and fastened your seatbelt and roll down windows for better engine sound. Must learn the layout as the far left paddle is for the clutch whereas the middle one is for brake and the right one is for the gas – this pattern remains same for both right and left-hand drive vehicles. Adjust your seat position for proper access towards clutch and other pedals.

  • Step 2:step-2

The clutch is the most used part while driving manual transmission – it allows you to change the gear up or down without grinding the teeth of each separate gear and it allows you to stop the car at desired place. Press the clutch pedal and hold it to the floor and note down how it is different from brake and accelerator pedal – the good idea is to release slowly the clutch pedal.

  • Step 3:step-3

Make sure your gear shift knob is at neutral – this is the middle position and considered your car is out of gear and your clutch paddle is fully depressed. Start the engine priligy online forum when your gear knob is at the neutral position and hold your clutch pedal at floor – once you have started the engine of the car, now you can remove your foot from a paddle.

  • Step 4:

At this moment, you are ready to drive your car – you have to press or hold the clutch paddle again and move the gear shift knob towards first gear – you can also see the visual layout of gear pattern on top of knob now slowly remove the foot from clutch paddle until you listen the sound of engine drop – this is the friction point and repeat this several times.

  • Step 5:

Make sure the road is free to drive – now remove your foot slowly from the clutch paddle and apply light pressure on the gas paddle. This is the typical step as you are driving the three paddles manual car; if you release the clutch too early then car stall and if engine sounds like that it is going to stall then push the clutch again – you have to pressure a little gas paddle and depress the clutch to run the car on to the road and have to maintain balanced combination of up and down pressure.

  • Step 6:

Once car in the gear now you can remove your foot from the clutch paddle and when you have to stop the car then just release right foot from gas and press down brake paddle slowly and remove gear by pressing clutch paddle to avoid car from stalling – once you have learned the mechanism then you really enjoy the manual driving.

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