Everything you need to learn about Eating Disorder (Causes, Symptoms, Treatment)

Eating disorders are characterized by the mental illness and the condition one should need to avoid to remain healthy and active throughout the life. Eating disorders are caused by irregular eating habits and displayed the body weight and shape.

Many of us never feel towards the eating disorder of the body and never realize it’s effect towards our health and it also includes inadequate eating habits and excessive food intake which can produce ultimate damage on individuals.

Common forms of eating disorders:Everything you need to learn about Eating Disorder (Causes, Symptoms, Treatment)

The most common forms of eating disorders are given below:

  • Anorexia Nervosa: This is the common form of eating disorder as male and females are conscious about their figure and healthy body weight gain and due to this reason they have limited the consumption of food from entire life. They always thought themselves as overweight while they’re underweight. It can also damage the brain health, bone loss, infertility and risk of death is also greater in this eating disorder.
  • Bulimia Nervosa: These are the people that are unhappy with their body shape and always thought about their figure and overweight. This is the reason they get attracted towards binge eating and this will produce the feeling of shame, guilt, and lack of control. This kind of disorder also has gastrointestinal problems, severe hydration, and heart difficulties. These people worked towards forced vomiting, excessive exercise and fasting to control body.
  • Binge eating disorder: This eating order also contains binge-eating but it is different from bulimia nervosa as these people never rely on fasting and hard work of exercise because of this they often become obese and increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases, intense feeling of guilt and embarrassment.

Eating disorders happen to the person at any age of the life but it was common for teens and adults. But you don’t need to worry as it was an easily treatable stage of the life and enjoy the beauty of the life.

Signs and symptoms of Eating disorder:

These are some signs that show that male or female was suffering from eating disorder:

  • Depression or lethargic stage
  • Switching between periods of overeating and fasting
  • Constant weight fluctuations
  • Avoidance of social functions – remains isolated every time
  • Eating irregular such as cutting food into tiny piece or hiding food

These are some causes of eating disorders:

  • When you have negative image towards your body figure and shape
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Childhood abuse
  • Severe trauma
  • Cultural or peer pressure among friends

Treatment of eating disorder:Everything you need to learn about Eating Disorder (Causes, Symptoms, Treatment)

If you are facing any of above-mentioned condition then you should need to take eating disorder seriously as it impacts directly to your brain and has linkage with diseases. The treatment of the eating disorder is available and some of the tips are mentioned below:

  • Medical care: You should need to talk to your doctor about your eating disorder problems and address the health issues
  • Nutrition: This will help you for weight restoration and stabilization, guidance for normal eating
  • Therapy: You can rely on therapy activities such as individual, family or group as it affords the person for recovery and helps the person to recover from traumatic life events
  • Medications: Medicines are also available for the person’s health that resolve the mood of the person during eating disorder

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