FDA Made Cigarettes Less Addictive By Lowering Nicotine Level

The government department is working hard to stop illegal drugs from the nation and aware people about the dangers of smoking. You must hear that ‘Smoking is injurious to health’ but still people are using this material just for sake of enjoyment.

Later, they get addicted to the cigarettes and become a victim of deadly disease; the research shows that leading cause of death in the region was smoking.

The centers for disease control and presentation added that nearly 16 million people are living with the diseases including lung cancer, emphysema and chronic bronchitis – This all because of usage of cigarettes in their life.

FDA made cigarettes less addictive:

  • The U.S Food and Drug Administration were worried about the health situation of people and working towards the feasible solution to avoid the people from these conditions.
  • Recently, In July they proposed a solution and force the cigarette makers to lower the amount of nicotine from the cigarettes to make them less addictive. The cigarettes are the leading cause of death including e cigarettes and cigars.
  • At the same time, the FDA was also working to stop the usage of e cigarettes and cigars that are common among the teenagers. They are marketing and promoting health advice in order to stop the electronic use of smoking.

FDA passed the statement that ‘Nicotine is the cause of a variety of diseases occurred through the usage of cigarettes. We are forcing to reduce the amount of nicotine to protect the people’s life but it is also causing different cautions in society’FDA Made Cigarettes Less Addictive By Lowering Nicotine Level

Public experts show cautions:

  • The public experts added that if we reduce the amount of nicotine from cigarettes then it would become the less addictive but there’s possibility people start buying direct nicotine. It would create a black market of nicotine or smokers either change their inhalation habits.
  • Either they will start smoking more cigarettes as compared to the current state. There are many cautions occurred when FDA made any decision about food product and their next target is e cigarettes and cigars. These are common among teenagers as they are available in a variety of flavors that appeal to youth taste.FDA Made Cigarettes Less Addictive By Lowering Nicotine Level

FDA was working towards multi-year plan:

FDA was working towards a multi-year plan to protect the life of people and family and has tools to implement Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. The agency added that teenagers get a habit of cigarettes from age 18 and if nicotine level is lower than a future generation will never get addicted to smoking components.

The results show that e cigarettes are just as unhealthy as conventional cigarettes and this announcement got the attention of stock dealers and Big Tobacco investors.

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