First Martial Arts Practice: What to Expect?

There is no secret that coming to the first training is always very exciting regardless of whether it is your first training in life or you have changed schools. It always feels scary to come to a new judo practice most frequently because you simple do not know what to expect. Remember the first rule here, come earlier so that in case you cannot find the school or just need to buy some water, you will have time for that matters. It is never a good sign to be late for your first practice. So now when you have come earlier, let’s discuss what the class will look like.


Lining up

Be ready that during the first minutes, classes and might be even a couple of months you will not learn the Revmma best knockouts boxing and in judo, because everything starts from discipline and patience in judo practice. And this discipline begins from the first seconds of every class – lining up. This is a beginning when you meet your teacher and great all the class participants. Same thing will happen at the very end of every class.


This is a huge part of judo practice so again be ready to practice that a lot. This is a part of the Eastern culture as a greeting or showing your respect, so be ready to bow all the time you would say ‘hi’ or shake hands. Do not take it too close if you are religious, think of it as about an exercise or routine practice.

Warm up

Warm ups are all different and depend on the judo practice club you go to. In general, many judo trainers use cardio warm ups from kick boxing because they were recognized as the best fitness exercises in cardio field. As a rule, it will be something about running, crawling, rolling, and much more just to make your blood move around the body and get warm for the real practice to begin.

Weird words

This is something you need to be ready for, and do not feel embarrassed if you do not remember those words from the first time. All Eastern martial arts practices, including judo, karate, and even kick boxing, have their special names for the moves, and very frequently these words come from the Eastern languages like Japanese. So yes, it will be hard to understand your teacher in the beginning, but after some practice you will get used to it and learn the important words.

And our final guidelines and tips. During the first class observe and learn, try to understand as much as possible and always remember that every student in your class, including instructor, has once been in your shoes!

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