Fitness trackers remain unable at measuring calories burned

The technology is growing rapidly and fitness devices can help people to monitor the heart rate of the person and calories burned during exercise but a fact is that new research shows that these devices remain unable to provide accurate results.

A scientist has found the error rate of seven most used fitness devices as people are relying on these devices and maintains their diet plan according to the judgment of device.Fitness trackers remain unable at measuring calories burned

Devices are good at heart rate measurement:

  • The study was conducted at Stanford University to learn about the original accruement of the devices and the results are surprising as these devices are able to provide an accurate result of heart rate with 5 percent error rate where they fail to provide the result of burned calories.
  • The researchers found that the devices Apple Watch, Fitbit Surge, MIP Alpha 2, Pulse On, Microsoft Band and Basic Peak have error rate of 5 percent where the Samsung Gear S2 has the highest error rate of 6.8 percent other six devices.
  • The researchers had judged the devices under different circumstances for most of the devices and recommend the six devices out of seven wrist-worn devices for measuring the heart rate of the person.Fitness trackers remain unable at measuring calories burned

Rough Estimates of :

The author of the researcher added that ‘We were pleasant with the measurement of heart rate of these devices but remain unpleasant with the measurement of the calories as these devices are really poor towards dapoxetine generic medicine estimated calories.

  • When it comes to the measurement of the exercise activity and calories burned all of the five devices remain failed to measure the accurate calories as researchers were surprised to view that even single device had an error rate higher than 20 percent.
  • Euan Ashley added that people should need to learn about the monitoring activities of fitness devices and remain careful while choosing their diet plan as people should need to aware of strengths and limitations of fitness devices worn on the wrist.Fitness trackers remain unable at measuring calories burned

Analysis of research:

  • The doctors added that we had research over the top tech fitness devices and all of the devices remain to fail to measure the exercise activities or the companies are not using the heart rates in their calculation while calculating the burned calories of the person.
  • The researchers added that it is worth for people to learn about the fitness devices as many of them take decisions based on the fitness devices or what they need to eat in lunch, dinner according to a calculation of tracking devices.
  • The researchers added that manufacturers of these devices don’t share their algorithm to calculate the person calories and other activities, it is impossible to find out the exact source of error occur while calculating the person data.
  • The doctors added that regular exercise and eating healthy food is the lifestyle and nearly made every person healthy and fit to live a healthy life.

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