Google Launches Tool Aims To Help People Who Search For Depression

Google is known for its perfect work in the world and nearly every person use Google regularly to resolve the problem. Google’s search engine will provide you answer to every problem.

This time Google is taking a step into health properties and making it easier for people to identify whether you have depression symptoms or seek help?

This tool is really helpful for the people to identify health state with just answering the quiz of questions from a ultra-legend search engine. Google has noticed that people are searching for depression states on the search engine and offering assessment quiz to tell about a condition.

Google has teamed up with National Alliance on Mental Illness:

  • Google has teamed up with the national alliance on mental illness to aware the people about their condition.
  • The company’s blog shows that people that are searching whether they are depressed or not will prompt to check if they’re clinically depressed.
  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness added that the depression is common among the people as every one person out of five was the patient of depression.
  • The people always face the symptoms of depression in their life but only 50 percent of them get treatment.

‘We are revealing this information on the Google as to aware the people about their health condition. This will help plenty of people to receive the treatment and improve the quality of life’Google Launches Tool Aims To Help People Who Search For Depression

Google showed you test to identify depression:

  • When the user clicks for the test to check his condition, it will take him to provide an answer to PHQ-9 a clinically approved method of testing for depression.
  • These results don’t reveal whether they’re patient or not but recommend whether they need to meet the doctor or not!
  • You also don’t need to worry about privacy and information as Google doesn’t store the results and your personal information. The results remain sensitive and private.
  • The idea comes up as plenty of people belonging from the US were searching for the symptoms of depression. They are asking Google whether ‘Am I a patient of depression’ and many related queries.

Depression treatment is compulsory for patients:

  • The fact is that depression is not that person feel sad and fed up from life for few days and return normally. But the people facing this situation doesn’t find relax for months and weeks.
  • The fact is that people think that depression is impossible to recover but it was the real disease with real symptoms and one should need to take proper treatment of the problem.
  • The research shows that searching for your symptoms online is not the good idea as millions of websites are available on the internet but doctor helps you to resolve the situation.
  • You just need to keep in mind that Googling something should never replace the doctor and it is also not suitable for official diagnosis. Mental health conditions are treatable and this is why getting information is useful.

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