Holding Fingers In Such A Way Is A Healthy Habit

Are you feeling stress and looking for the ways that can help to relieve the pain? A variety of solutions are available including meditation, exercise, medicine pills but what if you don’t have time for anyone? Have you ever considered hand yoga?

It sound funny to someone but it is reality – you know that meditation is the practice to gain awareness or relax your mind then what you need to know is the hand position of the yoga that you can be trying right now – the basic hand gestures for lessen the stress of mind or to release any kind of pain from the body are given below:

  • Gesture # 1: Enhance Knowledge1

You need to touch the tip of the index finger with your thumb – this specific hand position is used to enhance the knowledge or wisdom i.e. enhances the cognitive process and memory. This gesture will reduce the laziness of the body and this kind of practice can be done at any time.

  • Gesture # 2: For Calmness2

You need to place the index finger of the hand in the way that it is beneath a thumb and thumb gently pressing this finger – this hand gesture is used to relax the body or lessen the anxious mind of the body – the practice of this position can be performed at any time and best suitable for the people that remain aggressive and will reduce the air through body.

  • Gesture # 3: Reduce Fear3

You need to touch the tip of the middle finger with the thumb of the hand –the gesture order priligy online uk will able to reduce the worries and negative thoughts of the one (ideal for those who had cognitive issues) provide relax to mind from emotions like fear, sorrow – the best time for the practice is between 2-6 in morning or evening for better results.

  • Gesture # 4: For Pain Relief4

You need to place your middle finger beneath the thumb in a way that thumb cover the finger and gently pressing it down – the gesture practice is ideal for those who are facing hearing problems or relief the ear pain or reduce the numbness of the body – the practice can be followed at any time of the day.

  • Gesture # 5: For Strength5

You need to touch your ring fingertip with the thumb of the hand – the gesture practice is ideal at any time and provides strength to the body in such a way it enhances the muscles or body tissues – also regulates the metabolic process and remain ideal for people with dry skin.

  • Gesture # 6: Weight Loss6

You need to place your ring finger beneath the thumb and cover the finger with the thumb and gently press it – the practice will help the people from suffering weight gain, also reduce the fear of vision problems or better for people that are shivering in the cold.

  • Gesture # 7: Moisturize7

You need to touch the tip of the little finger with the thumb of the hand – the gesture will relieve the pain of joints, increase the water element within the body and enhance the digestive system of the person.

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