Hotel Secrets You Need To Know Before Vacations

Visiting and discovering new places is great pleasure for everyone and fun but the fact is that saving money on different tours is also important – while you are visiting any country or city or vacation area you must stay in the hotels and have experience some expensive bills but now get ready for your next vacation as we are telling you the secrets of the hotels to enjoy a stress free vacation and have more time and money for dine and shop.

  • Independent hotels are the priority:123

You must move towards the hotel that is independently owned by the person as they are more likely to give maximum discounts to their customers and there is more chance of bargaining instead of other firms that stick to their prices and not allowed any discount when asked for cheaper rates.

  • Be aware of check in time:1234

If you have ordered of check in at 2 p.m. and you show up the hotel early at 11 a.m. or sometimes then don’t be disappointed if your room is not ready as the hotel workers don’t speed up the maids to clean your room and complete the process.

  • Ask the upgrade:5

You have to aware of asking for the upgraded room or anything else without paying more when other guests are not near to you? You may request for the corner room if you want a spacious one.

You must don’t call at the time between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. as it is one of the busiest time for the front desk of the hotel as guests are check in or out – don’t priligy acquistare online call at this time with special requests and the management just want you to get off the phone.

  • Be aware of lies:3

Sometimes the hotel staff and management tells you a lie like if elevator or lift is not working and tells that the repairer is coming and it will soon fix but the boss doesn’t call the repairer at weekend and don’t want to pay him the weekend rates.

You must memorize that there exist no hotel that is sound proof even the best hotels are a reduction of sound and nobody is sending the security guard out of the room on your complaint of noise.

  • Hourly Rate:

You must stay in the hotel that charges for a day instead of charges for an hour rate for the rooms and other and it will increase your bill beyond from your thinking.

  • Ask for clean linens:

You must ask them to bring the clean sheets and blankets in a room as most of the hotels wash the sheets every day but they wash the blankets once in a week.

You never feel shy about asking help from the hotel management even if you are not the member of the hotel room or you can tell them that you have park the car somewhere that doesn’t see from an interstate.

  • If you travel frequently:6

If you have a habit of vacation then always choose the same hotel and get interacted with the staff as they are more likely to give you upgrades and discounts.

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