How Sweat Patch Revolutionize Diabetes?

People that are facing the problem of diabetes need to prick their fingers for multiple times to check the glucose level but the fact is that prick or injecting to the person body is painful – scientists have developed a sensor that can monitor the glucose level with the sweaty skin of the person.How Sweat Patch Revolutionize Diabetes

The researchers are working on the issue for past few years as pricking a finger or injecting insulin is painful for the patient and sometimes impossible to follow the exact direction of the doctors but the team in South Korea have created a patch that can work for both checking the glucose level or injecting the insulin to the person body.

The team in South Korea has experiment the machine and as a result, the machine will providing the accurate results and thinking that adding mice can also hook up with tiny needles to inject the diabetes medication to the patient.

How does this device work?How Sweat Patch Revolutionize Diabetes

The scientists need to overcome a series of problems associated with the technology as they are checking the sugar level with the sweat of the person instead of blood – the biggest challenge is that sweat has less sugar than the blood.

The other chemicals buy priligy in germany including lactic acid or others are part of the sweat and probably disturb the results but the patch comes along with three sensors that can track the sugar level of the person and test acidity of the sugar and the analysis record is transferred to the portable computer.

The tests that are conducted with the skin sweat patch shows that results before and after the meal of the person are well accurate same as it is old tradition – the technology is pretty important and smart as it allows the care of diabetic person without pain.

Next steps for the scientist:How Sweat Patch Revolutionize Diabetes

The scientist wants to provide the device to the people that prove reliable to them and the lives of the person are in their hand – they are working to link this patch with multiple mice that are able to provide the right amount of insulin to the person at right time.

The key of the device is to provide stress-free care to the diabetes person as it is considered to be one of the diseases that kills multiple people every year and patients are adding towards this disease at very high speed.

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