How To Master Your Time & Master Your Life

How To Master Your Time & Master Your LifeOne of the worst words you ever heard from your best friend is that ‘I don’t have enough time’ – the fact is that this is the biggest lie of the life.

People should need to learn about the time management as we have time till before we die, there are 24 hours in a day and we need to manage these hours and this is the only way to resolve the situation that I don’t have time.

People suffer from Procrastination:

  • The fact is that people are suffering from the disease known as procrastination and this is the reason they don’t have time.
  • Procrastination was actually the behavior of the people and they are delaying different tasks because either they’re too lazy to do that or they are afraid of some work.
  • The researchers and philosophers believe that procrastination was the avoidance of behavior and a copying mechanism give in to feel good.
  • It rises in the mind of people when they’re afraid of important tasks and have negative thoughts what if something gets wrong? Either facing the problem of anxiety? These attributes also related to the poor time management.

Procrastination related to poor time management:

  • If you’re facing the disease then you waste your time just for the sake of laziness or anxiety (You avoid the things and prefer someone else to do the same task).
  • Whatever the reason, you’re avoiding the powerful time these tips will help you to manage your time properly:

Stop wasting time on unimportant things:How To Master Your Time & Master Your Life

You should need to make a list of things you have to do when you wake up – you should need to spend designated time to the entertaining activities like TV, sports, and social media. You should need to cut down the activities that are making you lazy and becoming a hurdle for your strength and your goal.

Cut your lunch time:

You should either plan for the things but doesn’t find a suitable time, then you should often cut down half of the lunch time and do these activities to meet your daily requirement. You should need to manage your time as the addition of words ‘Not having time’ is just an excuse and nothing else.

Cut your social media time:

You should either live without the use of social media, the good idea is to cut down the social media activities and spend plenty of times to your activities. This will help you to catch up with your old friends as social media is a time killer.

Use time on bus/subway:How To Master Your Time & Master Your Life

You can either spend your good time while you are on travel including bus and subway – these are long one hour journey or meet your friends or either spend these hours on social media to secure your working hours with others. This is a good tip for the people to manage their time according to their needs.

Wake up 30 minutes earlier:

You can also manage your time with your waking time as you need to wake up half an hour before and go to your bed half an hour later. This will help you to secure complete hour of the day and consume this time with your work.

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