How to trace your phone’s location

For an owner of an Android smartphone such a question as tracing the location of their smartphone which contains a lot of personal information is highly relevant. Some responsible parents find it necessary to install some special apps to track the location of their children for the purpose of safety. Moreover, when a phone is lost or stolen, the question becomes even more urgent. In order to protect a devices from such problems, experts have come up with some solutions. The most popular of them today is tracking a smartphone through a Google account.

How to trace your phone location

What do you need to start locating your smartphone?

Nowadays, it is not that difficult to find your phone. The only prerequisite is the presence of a registered account on Google, because a new or recently bought smartphone (check price for Motorola phone) without any personal data cannot be found. Today most companies, at the production stage, introduce the “Remote Control” feature to their mobile devices. Every new user has to enable this feature on their own and set certain permissions: In the security settings, we need to select “Administrators”, and tick off the “Remote Control”. In some models, it is also necessary, to go to “My Location” and allow Google the location tracking. When the system locates the device, you can remotely lock it, turn on sound or delete all the information from it. Do not forget that if the phone is switched off, is not connected to Wi-Fi or is out you carrier’s zone of coverage, this function will not work.

The Android Device Manager app

If still something bad happened to your phone, you should use the Android buy priligy in malaysia Device Manager application. You will need to launch the application or go to via a PC or any other Android device. Then you are prompted to log in. After that, Google maps will display your phone in the form of a blue circle. In the case of a working GPS-module and a simultaneous operation of multiple mobile devices, they will also be displayed. Moreover, the actual address of the device will be displayed near it. Android Device Manager allows you not only to quickly identify the coordinates of the smartphone, but also delete the information or change your passwords.

Some other useful information

Android Device Manager is not the only application that can provide real help in finding mobile devices. Thoughtful developers presented a large number of additional programs to facilitate to search device. Among them are Lost Android, Advanced Mobile Care, Navixy and many others. As an example, we would like to also talk about Lost Android.

Lost Android is a pretty powerful program that can be downloaded from Google Play. To use it, you need to get an account. The app opens provides you with such capabilities as disabling the lists of recent calls and messages on your email, determining the phone’s location on a map, locking / unlocking of phone and deleting all personal information.

We hope that now even if you should lose your phone, you will always be able to retrieve it. However, if something goes wrong – don’t despair and take it as an opportunity to get a new device: check out some list of modern Motorola phones or iPhones and don’t grieve for loo long.

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