Is You’re Unable To Login Your Facebook? This is the reason!

Facebook has become important part of people’s lives as it becomes the latest trend of lifestyle. It is noticed that average user spent more than 35 minutes every day towards newsfeed o social platform.

But this time Facebook becomes unavailable to thousands of people, do you also become a victim of this attack?

Are you noticing that you’re loading your Facebook page again and again on your computer and mobile but doesn’t able to watch your posts, picture, and videos even your profile?

If yes then you need to wait for some moments and needs to refresh your page hard to bring it back to original state. The people belonging from the UK and near countries face the shutter of social media and leaving people unable to access their accounts.

What is the actual story against the problem?

  • This problem was seen as a variety of people start posting about shutter of Facebook on Twitter and asking their friends whether they face the same problem.
  • The people belonging from the UK, Europe, and the USA will become the victim of this down site as a company itself hasn’t acknowledged the problem.
  • The problem was appearing on both operating system to the users including computer and mobile phones and the traffic was measured by the DownDetector.
  • The website added that they are monitoring the people on the Facebook and reporting high levels of inactivity at the social platform. They added that the main area was the UK and Northern Europe.
  • The people start tweeting about the social platform and plenty of people shared the status and posted frustration related to the social platform.
  • People have reported the problem about shutter of the Facebook as they also face problems when they are logging in the social media.
  • The errors were not exactly seen as many people state they are using the Facebook without any problem using Safari and internet explorer browser.
  • Many also report that they also never seen the problem associated with the mobile phone as it is working fine. The problems were shown with the Google Chrome but using the incognito mode the social media was running at right speed.Is You’re Unable To Login Your Facebook? This is the reason!

How to open the Facebook if you suffer site down?

  • If you suffer the site down then with a hard refresh you can get access to the social media. The hard refresh actually clears the browser’s cache for a specific page.
  • If you are using the Mac book then you need to press the shift button while refreshing the page and if you are using windows then you need to hold the Ctrl button as this was a trick.

The Facebook spokesperson added that:

Some people are facing the problem with the social platform earlier but we had come back with 100 percent to the social platform. We apologize the people for any inconvenience

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