‘Low Tar’ or ‘Light’ Cigarettes makes you More at risk of lung cancer

‘Low Tar’ or ‘Light’ Cigarettes makes you More at risk of lung cancerExperts have found a correlation between light cigarettes and lung cancer as ventilated cigarettes with filters may have made smokers more vulnerable to the commonest type of lung cancer.

The rate of adenocarcinoma was increasing last few years and experts investigated that this type of cancer grows deep in the lungs and remain dangerous for people lives and the reason for occurring this virus is light cigarettes while the other cases of lungs have dropped as many people gave up smoking.

The study remains clear and found the direct relation between rising adenocarcinoma cancer of lungs and a greater demand for light cigarettes in the market as these light cigarettes were introduced 50 years ago and marked as low tar options.

The leading person of the researcher added that our study found the correlation between the lung cancer and light cigarettes where the light cig and low tar cig are making people fool as they were the safer option.

The expert’s claims that these light weight cigarettes are introduced with tiny holes 20 years ago where these holes allow smokers to inhale more fumes and danger of cancer and other toxins are at the extreme with the inhale of these dapoxetine buy malaysia packets.

The data of the past few years shows the relation of cancer and tiny holes but the fact is that these tiny holes are still added to virtually all the smoked today.

The team of the researchers carried deep research over the tiny holes of the cigarettes and believes that small holes in filters change the way tobacco is burned and are near to the danger of the lungs as cancer is more likely to produce in tiny holes cases.‘Low Tar’ or ‘Light’ Cigarettes makes you More at risk of lung cancer

They write in their journal about their research over the smoke and claims that the government should need to make right step and ban all the cigarettes containing the tiny holes and labeled as light cigarettes or low tar.

They also added that they need to ban the filter ventilation where the light or low tar smoke is already banned from the UK and US as mentioning these labels is just to fool the people to grow the sale of the smoke packets.

They also added that these kind of cigarettes are damaging the career of the future children and the only purpose to label the light or low tar is to raise the sale of the cigarettes.

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