Man made his own home with McDonald’s wrappers and plastic bottle for just £15,000

Have you ever thought of building your own home with your ideas and elements? Have you ever thought that whether a home is built with the food wrappers and plastic bottles? Most probably your answer is no but this designer made his own home with wrappers and bottles.

The designer named Angus Carnie, who was 35-years-old has different and unique ideas in his mind and this time he created his own home with the waste materials.

The designer used his contacts in waste management to get tons of rubbish including food wrappers of McDonalds and plastic bottles and made his own home with just the price of £15,000 – he is such a creative person.

The designer made the home of two bedrooms within just seven months with the waste materials and stunned the people!

The house features the faux wooden logs made from plastic and breeze blocks made from discarded hospital bedding where the property is awesome cool as he introduced the system of wind-powered and solar power at home where the water supply comes from 90-litre tub placed on the roof.

The man made the home to remain on budget throughout the life as he is the awesome creator, the water supply comes from the rainfall on the tub placed on the roof where the water is filtered when it comes from the tab due to his system.

The home also remains on power budget due to the wind-power and solar system of the home where the inside jam jars are used as lights with a cable reel as a coffee table.

The man totally remained on the budget and used those materials that person never thought in the life to use for constructing home purposes as the picture frames have made from the tires and coaster were once circuit boards.

The designer Angus Carnie also wrote his book towards his fight against the brain tumor and idea to use the waste items and create his own home and the book was published later this year as the Angus came up an idea of building his home after a brain tumor.

He added that ‘I look at my cost and budget for life and home is the one of the biggest then I started thinking about the waste items and how can I use these waste items and waste knowledge and turned this knowledge into good one’.

He added that ‘People always tell me that you never remain able to manage the home but I always claim I am able to do this – the house is perfectly on a budget as I create my own electricity at night when I watch TV and use pedals to generate electricity’.

The designer inspiration to change the way of living when doctors tell him that he has a brain tumor and he would likely to death within weeks and stripped of his driver’s license and then he realized he had to live on the budget’.

He added that wastage of plastic bottles is at an extreme in the regions and this is a good methodology to deal with the waste items and we need to think more about lifestyle and I hope this home will make people think about waste and recycling them.

Today I am thinking of making his own waste car and then approved it for road use because public transport is just so rubbish.

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