Mom’s aren’t putting babies to sleep safely, risking their lives

Babies are like the little stars that brought shines and happiness to parents lives! A parent always loves their child and thought about their future and bought every single happiness for them.

But the new research stunned the parents as most moms still don’t know how to correctly sleep their child that reduces a risk of dying. Do you know about that?

Safe to sleep Campaign:

The campaign is always popular in the world for parents to put their kids on their backs on the bed but only 43.7 % of US women are using this method. The campaign was known as ‘Safe to sleep’ that tells the guardians and parents to put their babies on back. This state will reduce the risk of sudden infant death i.e. unexplained condition called SIDS.  This campaign was working till 1994 and aware the parents about their kid’s health.

The latest study showed an alarming condition of mums:

The study was published in the medical journal Pediatrics; the study surveyed 3,297 mothers having children from 2 – 6 months. The study concluded that mothers added that they used this position of sleeping for kids but not every time.

  • The 77.3 % of mothers have the reaction they use the practice but not always for baby sleep. It also shows that only 44 % of mothers followed the rule while half of the mothers added that sometimes their babies slept on their sides in supine position.
  • The study found that ‘Many women will do the practice of correct method but not every time’ the researchers also found that sleeping position of a baby was not up to parents. The position usually followed by the grand parents or relatives or family members.
  • They are more likely to put the baby on the stomach position instead of back as they thought that if the baby slept on back it might choke or less comfortable.

These beliefs are happened due to lack of education as well as cultural and familiar influences as a new mom don’t have real information. New moms are taking information from everyone else in their life.Mom’s aren’t putting babies to sleep safely, risking their lives

A racial disparity:

  • The data of hospital shows that 3700 sudden deaths happen to the children. These deaths including SSID for 1600 children, 1200 cases are still unknown, 900 cases are linked with the accidental suffocation in bed.
  • The key is an education of the parents for their entire young ones to raise them properly. Parents should need to avoid lying kids on sofas and coaches. You should avoid pillows or blanket that cause overheating or suffocation.

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