Money Saving Tips for Students

college time can and should be a adventure which you remember for the rest of your life. But it all has to be done with due care and in budget. It can be a learning experience in how quickly their money can disappear.Tips for Students info-expresspcb

The worst part is that your only six months in to college and get your loan payment schedule. Students get. Reality check on how they accumulated such a large debt with interest in just few short years. Average student loan for graduating in 2015 was £12000. Chances are that students won’t be able to pay back the loan as they not likely to find a job immediately leaving college. Even the job they find will be at entry level job, which are not going to allow them to pay off the loan any time soon.

The best way to pay back the loan would be if you can stay at home if that can be option. If not here are some helpful ideas to follow:

* You should get free account on to get up to 20% off immediately.

* Buying food in bulk and sharing the cost of with your flat mates.

* Never go food shopping on empty stomach.

* Try sharing cooking with your flat mates. As you will enjoy a variety of foods and spend less time cooking. Plus it will teach you what you need, what to cook and how to cook it.

* Buy frozen food as they are cheaper, and most of the time you can find bargains. Which you can store to weeks buy priligy malaysia later. Which also means your food will last longer.

* If you have a Garden why not try and grow your own Veg.

* After your nights out resist the urge for not having the greasy kebab. Why not go home and have one of your frozen meals or any left over you have.


* Get your Young persons Railcard for £30 a year. You could be saving a massive 1/3 on all rail journeys in then UK.

* book your Train tickets in advance on the It may be cheaper to split your journey, especially if you traveling at peak times.

* Get a bike and start cycling it’s free and fast way to get around.

* if your using the bus twice a day then you should get a bus pass.


* Buy your second hand Books from Amazon and eBay, and you can save a fortune.

* Start using the library more.


* Shop online and use the site Kelko to compare before you buy.

* Why not use Quidco and get cash-back when shopping online.

* Ask for student discount.


* Start jogging, swimming or cycling and quit gym.


* Use scarletmist to buy tickets

* If your planning a night out then try few pre drinks before hand so you spend less in the club.


* Put your change in a jar and watch it mount up.

* Don’t use ATMs that charge you.

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