Netflix service wouldn’t be available on millions of android smartphone

Netflix service wouldn’t be available on millions of android smartphoneThe android smartphone getting better and displays are catching to view the favorite show but Netflix announced that new version of Netflix blocks all the android users who have rooted or unlocked their smartphone to secure the streaming.

The move was announced from the Netflix where the millions of android users getting affected with the latest update from the popular video streaming app.

What is rooting?

  • Rooting of the smartphone is the common practice among the people as they unlock the customization of phone’s operating system where they can install and enjoy the custom programs on their phones. Many users of android alter their device and enjoy the free streaming where the Netflix wants to block these content pirated users.
  • The research shows that nearly 25 percent of the android users has rooted their smartphone i.e. millions of users are affected by the latest update of Netflix.

Netflix new version 5.0:Netflix service wouldn’t be available on millions of android smartphone

  • Netflix announced that the new version of their app known as Netflix version 5 will not be compatible with the altered smartphone and the users that are using this app will no longer enjoy the streaming with the latest version.
  • The Netflix has banned all the users who have altered or unlock their device in any way whereas the Netflix is working priligy online canada with Google to block these users as the latest version of the app shows the message incompatible warning while altered mobile wants to download the app from Google Play store.
  • The latest step from the Netflix was conducted as they wanted to secure their streaming and want to fight against content pirates spreading versions of TV shows illegally as the new version works only with the devices that are compatible and certified by Google and meet all the android requirements.
  • The move comes from the Netflix as anyone who has rooted the smartphone remains able to get access to the admin panel and have great possibilities of breaking the rules proposed by DRM.
  • The other reason for the update of the Netflix is the new feature of the app as you can download the video for offline viewing i.e. users are now able to download the favorite stream and watch it later.

But the fact is that app works fine on the devices that are already rooted and using the software in their devices as rooted mobiles are unable to download the app but work fine in an already existence of app.

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