People Living Near Busy Roads Are At Risk Of Dementia

busy roads is leading cause of dementiaPeople who live near to the busy roads and traffic has more chance of association with dementia and increase the risk of Alzheimer’s – new study suggests.

The main leading cause of this happening is the impact of pollution on the people living near to the main roads and that leads to the danger diseases – a new study tracking nearly 6.6 million people for eleven years and state that the traffic and air pollution is high at the main road and is the leading reason for the risk of dementia among the people.

Signs of Dementia among people close to the main road:

The new study was followed the year 2001 to 2012 and the results of dementia among people were given below as the study suggests that:

  • People living on the main road were at 11 percent risk of dementia.
  • People were at 7 percent of the risk that are living within 50 meters of the road.
  • The people that live far away including 50 to 100 meters were at the risk of 4 percent of the virus.
  • The study also indicates that the people that are living within the range of 101 to 200 meters were at the risk of 2 percent.
  • The people that are living after 200 meters generic dapoxetine 60mg have no linkage of the condition with the main road.

The research also indicates that 7 – 11 percent of the people facing dementia cases are living close to the main road within the range of 50m and the illness caused due to traffic.

The study doesn’t indicate any other cause of one of the leading disease of the modern society but added that growing population is the reason that people are closer to the main road – and more research is needed to link the connection of the disease as we are not saying that roads are spreading dementia among people.

Protection over the problem:

The health research director added that this is an important research, the effects linking to the disease are small but have bad impacts on the people health as the air pollution is exhausting the brain of the person and with time it leads to the risk of dementia.

We must need to take the appropriate steps to reduce the pollution caused by the traffic and must quit smoking and add the positive activities in the life including exercise and eat a healthy diet as the unpleasant air pollution is not good for anybody.

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