A mobile phone is a useful servant but also a dangerous master.

Cell phones are becoming the most important part of our life; it is very difficult to imagine life without a cell phone as it becomes so close to our life. As everything has its positive and negative impacts and cell phones have also these properties.

Have you ever think about it? No problem thinks it now as we are discussing some positive and negative impacts of cell phones.

Positive Effects of Mobile Phones:

  • Communications:com

The message is the first positive point for the mobile phone, with the mobile phone you can communicate to your friends, your family from far away or from anywhere. You can call your family whenever you are in the grocery store or restaurant and invite them for mutual dinner, or have a party at home instead of going to their houses separately. The cell phone provides convenience wherever your job you can stay connected with your loved ones. Now a day’s smartphone is coming in a smaller size and is pocket made so you can easily carry them any place and also provide other utilities to you.

  • Cell phone can save life:hand holding mobile phone with emergency number 911

The cell phone has become common in the world it also serves in the medical field, you can call the emergency numbers from anywhere for the help via cell phone. Are you in the desert? And you need help as your car is crashed, you just call to backup numbers and help is there. If any patient condition is not good you can call to medical health and they will there for your help, this will provide you peace to your mind and can help you in the case of any disaster.

  • Useful in Studies and Business:

Having smartphone is the best opportunity for growing study skills and business. Here are many apps are available for students to utilize priligy online sicuro them and reach a stage of success. Students can access the internet and can find out the information related to their topic and this is craziness, whereas a businessman can add apps of his requirement like Skype to communicate and also other important apps like calculator and percentage calculator and many others.

  • Entertainment:enterta

Life is nothing without entertainment, everybody needs some kind of freshness after some time in his life and mobile phone allows this. Yes, you can enjoy music, videos, and games via cell phone. You can read books of your own choice, or search your favorite character on the internet and can enjoy your life.

Negative Effects of Cell Phones:

  • Accidental Risks:accident

Most of the accidents in daily life are done due to using mobile phones, as people start texting while driving their eyes went off from the road and as a resulting accident occurred. While they are texting their hands off the steering and dangerous outcomes can be seen.

Excess use of cell phones also damages your health and research also says that. Mobile phone becomes so close to the individual the modern search shows that when a person lost his mobile phone many heart attacks and blood pressure problem occurs to the individual, so don’t rely on your mobile phone.

  • Bad Impacts on Students:studies

No doubt, mobile phone helps the students in studies but it also has some disadvantages for students. If student addicted to the mobile phone then he starts texting to his friends and also finds games for his amusement and start watching movies and listening sounds. If a student always keeps his eyes on a smart phone then it is very difficult to him to get good marks in exams.

The advantages and disadvantages depend on individual how he used the cell phone.

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