Scholarships to study in Ireland

Ireland as a country has gone through much ups and downs but has been able to gather the pieces which were fallen and move ahead with a renewed effort and has been able to progress quite amazingly in all the sectors including the higher education sector.


Just like the United States of America, this country has been able to open the gates for foreign investments too and has recently been subject to a great influx in the economy after corporate giants like Google, Facebook etc. made there centers in the country. This influx is not only restricted to the corporate but also to the international students as they have been invited to study in some of the best universities and colleges of this nation.

Scholarship process for study in Ireland is one of the things which a prospective student should be focusing on as getting scholarships to study in Ireland is one of the best ways to study in this country. Since he colleges and universities of this land rank amongst the top in the world plus this country follows the Anglo Saxon system of rendering higher education, the tuition fee might cost a little higher to those planning to get here.

Government of Ireland International Scholars is what one becomes if one applies to scholarship of Ireland provided by the Irish government. If one is able to attain this scholarship then they are easily open to getting up to twelve thousand seven hundred and fifty Euros for their tuition costs, the accommodation costs, the study material costs, and similar expenses. To this the scholarship holders may get an additional of five hundred and ninety Euros on a monthly basis after the twelve thousand seven hundred and fifty Euros expires for next eight months.

Ireland’s Department of Education and Skills pays these scholarships for only those colleges which are listed in its official memorandums. Even the courses are up to some extent pre decided and one has to understand and know which buy priligy in uk college or university they are applying in Ireland to be applying for these scholarships. Besides this the students are eligible to get to apply to several other scholarships which are given out by private funders or the individual universities and colleges themselves.

American Institute for Foreign Study, Institute For Study Abroad, Butler University, Michigan State University etc. are some of the colleges which can provide the scholarships to Indian students studying in some of its selective programs and wishing to spend an academic year or so in Ireland.

Besides these the students wishing to study in this country must do their own deep and careful research in regard with the scholarships which their own home country can provide. Besides the scholarships provided by the Government of Ireland, the private funders, or even the individual universities, the home country’s government might also have several schemes for scholarships for those who wish to study abroad.

Fulbright Scholarships is another way of getting a financial aid to study in this country which is also the very best if one can get it. This scholarship is given out on an annual basis or for the duration of the course the student has been chosen to study in Ireland. But the students applying for these scholarships have to be extremely brilliant academically as they have to face a competition at a global level.

So a final advice for students wishing to study in Ireland is to do their own deep research on scholarships and also take help and advice from groups which can give them a firsthand experienced advice like the overseas education consultants and similar people.

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Shikha Tripathi, a professional writer based in India, is presently working with one of India’s largest overseas education consultants – The Chopras. She is passionate about the promoting education as a culture in India and believes that global education can change the face of the world.

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