Good news for hemodialysis patients as scientist developed bionic kidney

There is good news for the hemodialysis patients as they don’t need to rely on the machines as doctors have developed artificial bionic kidney to cure the disease – does it sounds nice to you?

Although there is nothing good then nature as nature is extremely powerful and if you have good working kidneys then you are the blessed person but the fact is that we need to take help from the latest medical technology in many cases.

The patients with the hemodialysis need to wait for a long time in order to receive a kidney to cure the disease and they are suffering from the very bad condition but the scientists from the university of California announce good news for these kinds of patients.Good news for hemodialysis patients as scientist developed bionic kidney

The researchers and experts are working towards the artificial bionic kidney i.e. machine that connects to the human body and works as the alternate of the human kidney and patients do not need to wait for next years for the kidney and this news raises hope for millions of the people.

The project of the bionic kidney is planned at the University of the California and the researchers are hoping to release the kidney this year as the reason behind the manufacturing of the artificial kidney as it is close to the natural one and consists of silicon filters, live cells, and bio-hybrid.

The kidney is closer to nature as the heart of the human body works properly and filter the waste from the bloodstream quite brilliantly as it works with the natural kidney and the project of the natural kidney was released by William Fissel.Good news for hemodialysis patients as scientist developed bionic kidney

The researchers from the university and center for development of natural kidney claims that this artificial kidney is closer to the human natural kidney as it is developed with the help of original kidney cells and the size of the artificial kidney is the size of the cup and has the ability to balance the blood pressure of the human body.

The new kidney was also capable of balancing between sodium and potassium of the human body and the project leaders added that they are working rapidly towards a development of the artificial kidney to help the patients deal with the deadly disease.

They are hoping to launch the kidney this year and claims that the machine will available to the public for use within 2 years to fight the disease brilliantly.

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