Scorpion 3 Is World’s First Fully Manned HoverBike

Have you ever dream of riding a bike in the air? This is the year of latest technology in the vehicles and the Russian company launches a hover bike that makes flying as easy as riding a bike.

This is the Scorpion 3 a Russian-based company latest hover bike – this is considered to be the air transport service and the vehicle is fully accessible for the person riding on the machine.Scorpion 3 Is World’s First Fully Manned HoverBike

The advance technology of the drones and quadcopters have also enhanced the beauty of the vehicles as well accessible capabilities of the machine – the Scorpion 3 is the vehicle that directly puts the control in the driver’s hand – the experts added that this machine is the future of the vehicle and considered to be extreme sports instrument.

The new vehicle is designed with the same concept of the motorbike – it has motorcycle seat with the drone technology and has software that provides complete access to the driver or pilot of the vehicle.

The aircraft is able to carry the weight of the 120 kilograms (265 buy cheap priligy online uk pounds) – the highest speed of the latest technology is 50 kilometers per hour – the first test drive of the vehicle is released and able to reach the height of 33 feet above from the ground.Scorpion 3 Is World’s First Fully Manned HoverBike

The developers of the air crafts added that this device is easy to integrate into the daily routine sports – this is the future sports vehicle – the vehicle is electrically powered or ready to enter in the routine of the people.

The video of the first person that riding the hover bike shows that he is absolutely fun with the bike but there is warning while using the vehicle is that do not try to exit the vehicle while blades are spinning as it chopped your legs.

The vehicle is available to the people with the price of the $150,000 – if you are interested then you contact with the manufacturers.

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