Secret Products use by Victoria Secret Models on Daily Basis

Want to know the secret behind Victoria Secret Models attractive look? It is confidential that how these models look incredibly amazing and they obviously have to look amazing when they are in the public eye, whether they are on a ramp or off.

So, when it comes to products we want to know every detail that what products do they use for skin care or in makeup.

Blusheee Makeup has assembled information that which products Victoria Secret Models use most in their daily routine.

Lets have a look on products that are used by these Victoria Secret Angels on daily basis.

Beauty Products used by these models on daily purpose:

1. Mascara:

These models cant spend a single day without wearing mascara. It helps them in giving volume to their eyelashes. According to these models, mascara is the best friend of a girl.

2. Lip Balm Perfector:

Lip Balm is the most favorite beauty product of these models as it helps them to keep their lips hydrated.

3. Foundation:

For fuller coverage look, these models use face foundation which gives the best finish on their face.

4. Creamy Matte Lipstick:

For an attractive look, these models use creamy matte lipsticks. According to them, these lipsticks give them vampy look.

5. Bronzer:

These models use this beauty product to bring natural warmth to the skin without looking dull.

Beauty products these models focus in daily routine:




1. Coconut Cleansing Oil:

Coconut Cleansing Oil is the most basic product use by Victoria Models wether before applying makeup or after cleaning makeup. This amazing product is used by these models even as a body moisturizer and also for the protection from the heat of the sun. They use this for face, body and even hair. Their day is incomplete without this amazing product. According to these models, this product is amazing hydration. This cleansing oil is best to keep their face with glow and fresh.

2. Sleeping Mask:

After the tiring work on set, these models become much curious about their skin. In order to keep their face fresh, they use overnight sleeping masks for the recovery of their skin. After spending the whole day in makeup, this overnight mask helps them to keep their face look hydrated and clean. According to these models, it helps them to keep their skin give off an amazing glow.

3. Face gel:

When it comes to acne or scars, these models use Face Gel. After a whole day in makeup, they do face scars, pimples, acne. So, for this purpose, they use face gel daily.

4. Moisturizer:

For the purpose to moisturize their skin, these models use moisturizer in daily routine before applying makeup. According to them, its the best way to fit their skin, before makeup. It helps them to give an amazing glow.

5. Serum:

The serum helps these models for glow look in their strict routine.

Blusheee fashion is surely going to help you out by the information assembled for you.

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