Sexiest Vehicle for Women with sparkles and Eyeliner Headlights

Spanish car manufacturer Seat has launched new lifestyle product branded specially for women with eyeliner headlights and all those needs that women demand.featured

After research of 18 months, Seat and Cosmopolitan has launched the car that is perfectly designed for active young women who are self-confident and really wants to go places.

The vehicles design is perfectly thoughtful feminine touch and it is the result of two years collaborative research.  The car is also popular on twitter as many women are happy with that car that fulfill their needs and specially designed for ladies lifestyle.

Here are some tweets of women regarding the car:twitter

twitttwSusanne Franz, Seat’s marketer tells that the new model was feminine and a tribute to modern women, the car available in two colors known as Seat’s Mii model was fit for latest women. The design of the car is exciting the drivers and the main purpose easy to park and a pleasing car with personality.

Women’s comment after the design of the car: Oh good, this car is easy to park as we find generic viagra and priligy difficulties while handling the car at the side of the road.

The company Seat works with Cosmopolitan magazine to launch car exclusively for women. The four-seat car makes driving easy for women and its parking sensor and hill hood control. The car shade with glamorous interior and door side mirrors and have purple Alcantara seats. Sadly, it doesn’t come with pink.interior

The new offensive design comes in color white and Violetta – no blue, black color is released as women demand some masculine shades. The car headlights as it emphasize the eyeliner shape and jeweled bi-color rim design because women want the car that looks like her face. The car has the sound system and the driver can connect its phone to hook up with Drive Mii app.

The car will be launched early in the UK in 2017, with the price on that day but approximately $11,000 million.

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