Sitting Too Much Is Bad For Your Health

sittinig too much is bad for healthIf you are doing a job in a technology related company then there is a chance you spend a time sitting in a chair. There is a chance you are feeling pain in your hip flexors, hamstrings, shoulders or neck. These are actually tightest muscle group and your desk job is blame for your pain.

The fact is that when you’re sitting in a chair it looks like your shoulders rounded in, chest drawn and head dropped. If you’re sitting in this position for long hours, your body parts get stuck in position.

Researchers play an important role when we want to provide information about daily activities to people. The recent survey suggests that if you spend a time in sitting but done regular exercise then it will end negative effects. Regular exercise will help counteract the harmful health effects of too much sitting.

Below are some simple exercises and stretches helps you to lower risk:

Sit less and move more: The first thing every person suggests you are to sit less and move more. You have to move after every 30 to 45 minutes while you’re sitting in your place. If you’re in office; try using your desk as a tool to stretch. You have to stand up and stretch as if you just got out of bed or walk around a bit. Taking a break once in a while will help you a lot.

Stretch your hips: You have to move your hips from side to side just push with your hands to feel the stretch. If it feels really tight, you have to take it easy to prevent any injury.

  • Mounting evidence suggests that sitting too long in a chair will increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and cancer. There is also some evidence shows that sitting period will become a reason for death.
  • We have seen that people often spending a long time in their duty such as 10 hours sitting in front of a computer. Some of them are drivers and sit in driving seat and have no time for physical activity. To minimize the risk of deadly diseases one should need to take mini-breaks.

sittinig too much is bad for healthThe experts added that if a person reduces sitting by five minutes an hour then he/she will reduce 1 hour in your total sitting time’. This is amazing calculation and helps the people to reduce the risk of sitting long in a chair.

We have seen that technology is growing rapidly as we have remotes and gadgets to ease our lifestyle and enjoy moments.

But the fact is that it is actually reducing physical activity and we have a good reason to get out of a chair. The good idea is to take 20 minutes’ walk in your lunchtime as it is your physical activity and also helps to fight against unwanted pounds.

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