Snapchat’s new update ‘Snap Map’ reveals user’s location raises child safety worries

Snapchat the most popular social platform with millions of users has launched the new update where users are allowed to share their location with each other.

The stylish map was introduced by the social platform known as ‘Snap Map’ where your friends are able to know your recent location where you posted the snap.

The feature comes along with the option as if you have selected the option then your friends are able to know your location else you can easily search for your friend on the map and know where they have been when they posted recent snap.

We want to build new experience:Snapchat’s new update ‘Snap Map’ reveals user’s location raises child safety worries

The company’s blog added that ‘We want to provide the new experience to the users of a platform as you know your friend’s location and get inspired to go on an adventure’.

  • Whenever you open the map of the social platform you are able to view the ‘ActionMoji’ where you tap on your friend’s icon and view the most recent story of your friend and the latest update brought many other changes.
  • You are able to view the stories from people that are not your friends as Snapchat is going to reveal the feature of a public option and selecting this option will public their story.
  • The awesome moment is that this feature is available to all the users in the world even if you are Android or iOS user as there are billions of snaps sent each day with this platform.

Snapchat Map raises child safety worries:Snapchat’s new update ‘Snap Map’ reveals user’s location raises child safety worries

The fact is that new feature was welcome by all the social users as they are able to share the location with friends and can enjoy with them but this feature was raising the child safety issues as well.

  • The parents were worried about the latest feature as the searchable map has raised the safety concerns where you are able to search for schools and see videos from other people and the accurate location was enough to determine where people live.
  • The police added that latest feature of Snapchat will reveal the exact location but this feature was used for stalking and parents want to turn off the Snap Map feature from the teenager mobile as this platform is popular among teens.
  • While this feature was introduced among the people to enhance the social awareness and chance to meet the friends at the same location or attend events together but police added that ‘This may cause concern for those who have young children with this app’.
  • One parent added that the update was extremely dangerous for their kids and they are worried about stalking while the other added that I remain unable to find the setting for disabling the Snap Map feature from the app.

The snap chat map provides zoom in an option where you are able to learn the exact location where your friend resides and welcome the kidnappers, stalkers, burglars and other.

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