Stop Smiling In Photos If You Want To Look Younger

Many of us spend a lot of time every day to look younger and enhance the beauty of the face but simple trick towards looking younger is to stop smiling.

This may be kind of shocking for lots of people as taking photos and selfies is the trend of the modern life and people always put a smile on their face while taking photos but This really hurts beauty of the face and can add up to three and half years to your face.Stop Smiling In Photos If You Want To Look Younger

The study has surprising outcomes towards the beauty of the people as taking photos is a serious passion of many people but those who smile every time for the photo they need to stop smiling as it actually makes you look older.

The study also concludes that people need to take the selfie and photos with the neutral face as the act of smiling has surprising effects towards the mood of the people as smile shows you are happy and approachable but sadly it’s emerged that smiling is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Analysis of the study:

The study and experts brought some bad news for the people that shocked all the people in the world – This is because smiling apparently exaggerates the appearance of the wrinkles around the eyes.

Many of us believe that life is short, they often break the rules and don’t care about their appearance at the old age but you need to worry about things like this.Stop Smiling In Photos If You Want To Look Younger

If you want to look cool and awesome in the photos and the smile in the photos matters to you then you need to adopt the alternative facial expressions to reduce the wrinkles from the face.

The research concludes that the best facial expression for the photos and selfies is to capture the neutral face or either pouting surprised one.

The research over the selfies and smiling shows the surprising results to the people and they often worried about their aging process and the experts added that whether you have the loving time or lunch with your mates you don’t need to show this on your face.

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