The ‘Phone Walk’ leads to danger of health

1The smartphone walk – the common walk for the pedestrians you see that everybody is glued to their electronics and are busy in watching videos or texting or playing games – whether you might do sometimes or see people that they head down and uploading their photos on social media or applying filters to the photo – it all done while they are walking on streets but the fact is all these persons are putting their lives at risk.

Walking while you are using smartphone your head is down and stares at the screen and using touch will make your thumb tired and possibly walking with smartphone can change the movement of your legs – the ailments associated with using mobile with walking are as follows:

  • Screen-Sightedness:

Looking at smartphone while you are walking on streets or pavement or somewhere can reduce your vision – you are less aware of happenings in your surrounding or you can’t able to see the upcoming danger – another impact of using smartphone tells by doctors that it can lead to long-term damage of the eye as blue light is hazardous for backside of eyes or possibly dry eyes can lead to short-sightedness that occurs only by the excessive use of handheld devices or computers.

  • Text Neck:2

The pain of neck can be caused by using smartphone excessively while you are walking – as you have to stare at the screen your head is in a downward position that will create pain. The doctors and researchers describe that our head angling for a long period in entire priligy venta online position will create strain – it is also known as text neck and today it is becoming epidemic and can lead to damage or you have to stay for a week.

  • Phantom vibration syndrome:

This is the viral virus among the mobile lovers especially in the teenagers – this is also known as phantom ringing and popular in 89% of undergraduates that they experience the vibration or ringing even if their smartphone is on silent or it is not ringing – it can also be experienced while you are watching television or taking shower your brain receives a sensation that is not present. The syndrome virus is affecting the people as many as seven users of mobile phones.

  • Risk of life:1b3969230-120920-texting-pedestrian-kb-150p-today-inline-large

Using excessively smartphone while walking can create danger of life – according to new research the smartphone related injuries are increasing that including grazed knees after falling or forehead after hitting walls – many of the cases shows that the person lost his focus on the road as he was busy in texting or playing games and doesn’t saw the hurdle and fell down or didn’t see the pothole or have road accident while crossing the roads and using smartphone.

                 Texting while walking or using a smartphone can cause many other dangers as the scientists recently researched on teenagers and assigns them task to use electronics while outdoor and it shows that they have experienced gait that and it can make a silly walk.

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