Tips and awesome hidden Features of new Apple IOS 10

Apple IOS 10 has launched a few days ago and within 24 hours more than 15% of apple users has updated their phone on the same time, this version brought great success. The official released the full updated software on 13th of September; here you can find latest new features and more experienced apps.

Everyday essentials:

Siri: Just ask Siri questions such as how much is 29% of 85, Siri can also add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Screen Shot: Press the home button at the same time the picture will be taken and saved to memory.

Remove Webpage Clutter: Safari offers you more readability to article on the website as you click the reader button in the search field, tap it and you will see only photos and text, the ads of the site is removed.

Talk instead of text: tap the microphone button on the keyboard and speak your words then tap done.

Reduce eye strain: IPhone can reduce color combination automatically at night to better viewing at night, just go to Settings then Display & Brightness to set night mode.

Get the guide: you can learn everything about Apple from its free book available in IBooks store.

IOS Lock Screen features:

Quickly look at notifications: simply pick the phone and it will show you all notifications, to enable the feature to go to settings > Display > Raise to Wake.quick

Access Camera without Unlocking: Simple, swipe lock screen from right to left.

Home Kit Devices Access: Swipe from the bottom and there is control center and swipe from left to right three times and have access over there.

Music Player: Apple new IOS moved the music option on the second page of the control center.

Change Brightness of Flashlight: if you have 3D Touch enabled phone then access this feature by just opening control center and long press on the light logo to reveal bright, low and medium.

Clear Notifications from Lock Screen: you can release the notification app by just swiping it from right to left.

Quick Reply: You can just put down the notification and reply to the app without opening it like messages read a text and reply over.rpely

IOS Message Tips:

  • You can add effects on latest IOS 10 like the slam, invisible ink, gentle press by just hold the icon after the message you send.
  • When you write text message here are three buttons i.e. camera, arrow, you can simply click on camera button and take a photo or access the existing memory by swiping left.
  • You can send drawing pictures by clicking on arrow button and reveal it.message
  • You can text anyone without typing just select an icon like heart, thumbs up and by pressing single it will be included as a message and pressing again will remove the text.icon
  • You can delete message conversation by swiping from right to left and can delete an old message by selecting the limit.

IOS Camera Tips:

  • You can enjoy different camera modes if you have a 3D enabled apple, you will get the choice to take the photo, or SLOW-MO or take a
  • You can merge people in photos app in ios 10, as it has the ability to scan people; as you can add people you have also ability to delete a person from the photo.
  • You can create your memories from own albums and you can also share this video of the slide
  • If you have taken a live photo then you can duplicate the photo without breaking the original photo.


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