Tips for Returning to School Later in Life

Are you ready for a career change? Perhaps you’ve always simply regretted not completing your university degree. It’s never too late to return to campus.  When we stop learning we stop living. So many local and online universities have developed degree and technical programs that are tailored to fit the needs and lifestyles of working adults. Follow these recommendations from the professionals to ensure that your return to campus is successful. Grab the deals from Groupon and take advantage of the awesome selection of jeans just perfect for traipsing around campus from True Religion.

Spend time exploring your options for meeting your academic goals. Meet with admissions counselors and financial counselors.  Break your research down into several manageable categories: Academic programs, timeline for completion, costs and flexibility of class schedules. It’s better to know the answers to these issues before jumping into the first program you find and risk spending untold dollars and wasting your time. Be cautious about for profit institutions and online universities. While many online universities are reputable, their costs can be staggering considering they do have the massive bricks and mortar campuses to maintain that traditional universities are saddles with. A healthy compromise is often to explore the online options for classes from a public university in your state.

Finally, if you’re returning to school for a career change or job advancement, be sure to make frank connections with alumni form the program you’re considering. Did the University career office assist them in making professional contacts and securing interviews? Determine the caliber of placement opportunities offered by the university in collaboration with local employers. Most universities that have adult continuing education programs will match the new enrollees with other adult students in the same field of study to serve as mentors. Take advantage of this opportunity to forge relationships and ultimately develop your professional network. Best of luck to you on your new journey!

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