Tips For Writing Professional Business Memo

A memo also known as memorandum was actually a document to communicate with a large group of employees about a specific issue such as an event, policy or resources. The memo is formal method written with the well-established format to communicate with the company.

The business memo frequently addresses group but sometimes intended for one person that helps to communicate with relevant persons – Actually, the business memo is the primary method of communication and ensure your memo is mastered – here are the tips that make sure the memo effective.

Business Memo Format:

Here are a lot of methods but the main format to write the memo is below telling the full format of memo writing.

Memo’s heading area:heading

The main purpose of the memo is described by the heading of the document as it is the most important area of memo writing because it tells who is the recipient – what is the subject and purpose of memo writing – which send this memo – also date is mentioned. You must remember not to include anyone who doesn’t belong to this information. Make sure your spelling and order of memo are accurate and include the full name of the recipient and subject line will tell the purpose of memo clearly.

The heading area of memo generally looks like:

  • TO: (recipient’s name & Job Title)
  • FROM: (Complete name & Job Title)
  • DATE: (Current date)
  • SUBJECT: (Purpose of memo)

Remember that you must choose your recipient list carefully whether you are sending to whole staff or some specific person and mention the name and also shorten your subject line and must be clear and try not be general.

Skip the Salutation in memo:

The key point to remember while writing a memo is that memo buy dapoxetine tablets online india doesn’t need to start with a salutation. You must keep remembering that greeting is not needed while writing a memo – this is just to be efficient means of communication within employees.

Memo’s Opening:

The opening paragraph of memo states the purpose of writing – it needs a brief description about the whole purpose but no longer than few sentences the details of the whole purpose is not given in the first section of memo opener. Save the details of purpose for the next section – keep it on the shorter side a few sentences or shorter paragraph.

Memo’s Body:center

After the introductory paragraph or sentences, a memo usually contains an additional two or four paragraphs and the content varying on your topic. Always try to add important information in first paragraphs and rest of information is followed on.

Do not include the information that is not relevant for the readers but let them know enough about the seriousness of the problem. If headings are necessary to highlight the problem you can add the headings in the section to increase the readability of the document. Numbers or bullets can also be added in the memo body to make them a focal point for the readers.

Memo’s closing:attached

In the closing paragraph of memo indicate your recommendations or orders or do you want the employee to take action or to respond some day? Mention it clearly if no further requirement then adds a closing statement such as I’m happy by sharing this information.

If you have attached any file or document with memo identify them here such as Attached: May 25 Training Seminar Agenda or you can also make a note about attachment file.

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