Too lazy to walk your dog? This drone will walk your dog

Drones are becoming the part of life and people are using in different ways to click photos while they’re on cycling or biking or have drones for a different purpose but what about drone to walk your dog?

Are you too lazy to walk your dog around the home or in the garden? You most probably want a drone to walk your dog and if so then your dream comes true – Thanks to the technology.

DJI, a popular maker of drones has just announced a new drone namely ‘DIJ Phantom 4 Dog Drone’. This drone especially builds for the lazy people that don’t want to walk with their pets i.e. without having to venture out themselves.

Too lazy to walk your dog? This drone will walk your dog

You don’t need to walk with your dog

Dog Drones have a special mechanism for pet owners:

  • The drone will be connected to the dog collars and it will have exactly dog retractable features and follows the pre-defined GPS route of your local park.
  • It will follow the same direction of the GPS and your dog will move with the drone whereas the built-in camera is also attached to the dog that will capture the every single moment and the video will be displayed on your mobile phone.
  • This drone will capable to remain in the air for 30 minutes and has a range of walking distance for 2km that is enough for your dog walk and comes along with the collision-avoidance technology.

The manufacturers are happy with their invention:

They were happy with the invention and added that ‘We have the successful invention of the Cat Drone and it was not fair to forget the companion of the people i.e. Dog. We have made this invention for the people that remain busy in their office and store and don’t have time for their dogs’

This handy piece of Drone remains comfortable for the people that are busy and this drone will help your dog to get enough exercise and enjoying the fresh outdoor air.

Although, this is just an experiment whether your dog likes drone method of walking or not? Nothing is good then the owner care of the pet but this drone market the technology for the people that remain busy the whole day and doesn’t find time to exercise your dog.

It’s up to you whether you trust your dog drone or not and we just need to wait for the prototype of the dog drone – of course, you also face some problem with the legal terms.

The new regulations state that drone over 250g should need to register with the aviation authority and it is already illegal to fly the drone above the height of 400ft or out of user’s line of sight.

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