We can define networking as the connection which connects different computers

with each other and allows sharing of data with those people who are in the same network all the attach computer or devices in a circle can share and receive data simultaneously the networking is an invention which reduce time consumption and also create easiness in human life’s and allow to complete tasks easilynetworking info-expresspcb

it’s a forward step towards upgrading the people in world which opens new doors towards the inventions and sharing of data with each other now a days there are different types of networking 1st one is known as LAN means local area networking and another one is WAN means wide area networking and 3rd one is MAN (Metro Politian area networking) last and 4th one is HAN (home area networking) as they are differentiate their selves with the name they also have different purposes it depends on your need which type of network you required

these technologies are introduced in past like in 1959 army used these types of technology to share their information safely and after that it allows to aircraft industry to use these available resources to pass the information with each other networking system to transfer the information which each other which improve communication level among the universe these available resources to pass the information with each other .

as there are different types of networking they must have different features of every technology first we saw the LAN it’s a type of networking which allows us to connect our devices in limited area it can be a building like school, university, dapoxetine online buy india college or an office premises and in that premises it’s up to you how you are going to connect your devices which instruments you are using wired or wireless the better option of joining the devices is wireless its best one way to connect those devices but usually in a same premises networking we use wired technology

because its allow us reliability and speed at the same time but we have more maintenance issue in wired connectivity comparatively in wireless networking 2nd technology is WAN in this wide area networking do established and in this devices computers do remain join with the telephone lines or radio waves which allows to computers have communication with each other and share data easily 3rd is metropolitan in this a network work on a specific area like a same town or a same society and the whole users connects which society’s domain and use it for their communication

after that last but not least HAN in this we establish a home network and allow to each other to connects with same network and have connection though network it mostly used for online gaming and to remain in touch with your friends and family in last conclude that networking is the element which is very useful in our common life’s and it allows to remain connects with our loved ones through social media or many application which are works on the same topology.

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