Whatsapp has worldwide breakdown and remain unavailable for millions of users

The popular messaging services Whatsapp cracked down worldwide leaving millions of users unable to connect the messaging services.

The popular app is a breakdown of the users from different countries including Europe, Brazil and UK are unable to build a connection with the messages and the popular app still not working and still no words when this app will is available to the users!Whatsapp has worldwide breakdown and remain unavailable for millions of users

The people from different regions flag the issue on the Twitter as they posted their WhatsApp is not working and thought this app is unable to a user for more than two hours and the spokesperson added that company is aware of the problem and working to fix the issues.

The Facebook-owned app Whatsapp is the free app for the people to connect with their friends and family and send free text messages over 3G or wireless connections and considered to be an only available app for the smartphone users – the users rely on this app as they can send photos, videos without any charges to their dapoxetine online india contacts.

Down detector shows that thousands of users get offline last night as the issue remains unclear for them as when they come online again as the spokesperson added that some people find trouble while accessing app but for the short time as the things are getting back.

We are working on the new update of the WhatsApp to allow a pin to the conversations at the top of the menu and this is the reason the app goes offline as Whatsapp messaging app gets pretty crowded and the developers are working as they app comes pretty fast too.

The messaging app lovers posted their frustration on the twitter as they posted several flags towards the issue but Whatsapp is working to provide ease to the users where users can revoke or edit the message until the blue tick was not showing – It is not clear when this feature is rolled out but they are working on this idea as well.

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