Which One Is Better: Orange Juice Or Milk In Morning?

Which One Is Better Orange Juice Or Milk In MorningIf you’re drinking lover and always prefer drink as compare to food then you need to read this article. Many of us love to drink orange juice in the fresh morning and progress our day. But do you ever realize is it healthier for body or not?

We all know that most healthy item on earth is fruits. We will determine to eat or drink fruits every moment. So this is a reason we always prefer juices when we start our day in the morning or when we have a mission or lose weight.

But some of the researchers added that drinking fruit juice is not a good option when you want to shed pounds. Whether you need to start your day with orange juice or not? Is drinking milk is preferable in morning or not?

We will explain this information in detail with pros and cons and update reader with a healthier item as well.

Drinking orange juice in morning:

We all know that starting a day with the beautiful color of the orange juice is lovely. It relaxes is our mind and has a mere 110 calories. This juice will provide you better day with enough energy and enhances your body with vitamin C. It also helps your body to stay protected from sun damage and work as natural antioxidant from environmental pollutants like lead.

These all are the benefits of orange juice and prompt us to drink juice in morning. But we also know that excessiveness of everything is bad for health. These words are also true when it comes to orange juice.

When we drink too much orange juice then it will lead serious damage to our tooth enamel. There are also study shows that drinking orange juice reduces tooth enamel hardness by 84% when people drank it for five days regularly. The researchers also conclude that other juices also cause danger to a tooth. But we took orange juice for an experiment as it is most popular in the world for a morning start.

Drinking Milk in morning:

There is study shows that people drink milk every morning are less likely to overeat at lunch. A glass of milk provides you daily needs of protein and recommended calcium as well. It has also benefit when you have a mission to lose weight. Calcium helps regulate hormones that control weight. But some of the cons are also associated with drinking milk.

When you’re going with totally nonfat milk then there is a risk of cardiovascular diseases with them. It also leads to obesity in many cases or linked with diabetes.

Which one is better?

The most important part of the study is to identify which one is better for a morning. We will refer you to go with milk as it provides you calcium and remains easy on your teeth as well. It will provide health benefits for your body and also for teeth.

When you’ll eat an orange then there is less contact time with teeth and you’ll enjoy all nutritional benefits. But when you drink orange then it will have long contact time with teeth. So it is better to eat an orange as compare to drink.

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