World First Electric Ride ‘Movpak’ That Can Pack In Bag And Charge With Mobile

Have you ever thought of bag pack that allows you to ride on it as well carry your accessories? Sometimes people might think walking as time-consuming or as it is too slow – they often take a car but the traffic jams in larger cities is a common problem or pollution and the biggest issue is to find a parking space for a car.

Larger cities of the countries are over populated as they are not supporting cars anymore and mention to travel on local as there are no more parking slots in a region – the problem is getting worse as pollution of the countries is growing rapidly but the solution towards the problem is ‘Movpak‘.

The electric motor or skateboard that allows you to ride and fulfill your travel needs and also allows you to store your accessories in a bag – it is a type of electric vehicle.

MOVPAK – Electric Vehicle:World First Electric Ride ‘Movpak’ That Can Pack In Bag And Charge With Mobile

The MOVPAK is a small, electric and portable vehicle that allows you to ride on it and then carry the electric vehicle quite easily – it takes a concept of skateboard and a backpack component that allows you to pack skateboard while you want to get in the building for work.

The vehicle can carry the weight of 240lbs at the time of transportation – the attractive part of the vehicle is that it can travel at a speed of 20 mph and can travel up to 10 miles – allows you the wireless remote control.World First Electric Ride ‘Movpak’ That Can Pack In Bag And Charge With Mobile

The awesome element for the students to carry the weight of your books in the zippers of the backpack of the vehicle or you never be late from the school while there is rush around campus – the vehicle is full of fun as it allows you to listen to your favorite music with our built-in speakers of a vehicle.

How does it work?World First Electric Ride ‘Movpak’ That Can Pack In Bag And Charge With Mobile

The device is pretty comfortable as it has own brakes to stop the skateboard and has a motor and also allows you to press your foot that provides you stability and balance on the board and your calf allows you to move forwards and backward.

The backpack of the vehicle is water repellent and you not need to worry about the vehicle as it sealed and enjoy the skating in light rain but never ride the vehicle in heavy rain or if pavement has water – the movpak comes along with the USB socket that allows you to charge your smartphone, tablet or any other electric component you like.

You can also charge the device wirelessly – the only need is to place the compatible phone with the device or put the phone in the pocket to start charging of device.

The concept of Movpak is quite brilliant and a feasible solution towards the problem of vehicle – car demands a parking slot while you need to lock your cycle to stop stolen or have to walk miles to get in the local transportation – the Movpak is a just single masterpiece of a vehicle towards the problem.

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