World First Robot Police Officer Goes On Duty In Dubai

World First Robot Police Officer Goes On Duty In DubaiHave you ever thought police cop as the robot? If no, then you need to visit Dubai as the world first operational Robocop has been introduced assigning the task to patrol in the mall and tourist attractions.

Dubai was the first place where the police the robot police officer are officially reported for duty on Tuesday and the police person named the robot as ‘Robocop’ and the robot has been introduced in the region to fight against crimes and keep the city safe and improve happiness level.

The robot introduced in the malls has a variety of functions as people are able to report the crimes or they are able to pay the fines or get information with the help of this robot by just tapping the touch screen placed on the chest of the robot.World First Robot Police Officer Goes On Duty In Dubai

The director general of the smart devices in the city added that the aim of introducing the robot is to fight against the crimes and our aim is to put 25 percent forced to be robotic by 2030 as we are not replacing the complete force with humans.

The population in the city is growing rapidly and we relocate the police officers with other places whereas robots are introduced in malls to make the city buy dapoxetine europe safer place for the tourist – they also added that adoption of smart devices shows that Dubai is a global leader in the adoption of smart technology.World First Robot Police Officer Goes On Duty In Dubai

  • Features of the robots: The robot officer is introduced with the smart touch screen where people get directions and information’s and it is also linked with transport and traffic authorities and the device can also scan a person’s face from 100 feet away.
  • The device comes along with the artificial intelligence as the facial recognition is pretty smart where criminals can also be identified and detects the person’s emotions, as well as the city, is going to introduce smart devices by 2030.

The tool is considered to be very intelligent as most people visit the police station by 24/7 where with the help of police device people can easily report with the touch screen and the device can also update the control department about the situation.

The robot is able to communicate with the people in the English, Arabic language as the machine is really intelligent than thinking of the people but later they plan to add French, Russian and Spanish languages to the police officer.

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